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Lennox Marion - книги автора

Творчество автора (Lennox Marion) представлено в следующих жанрах: Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы
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обложка книги A Bride For Christmas A Bride For Christmas

After wealthy Guy Carver arrives in Australia to take over Jenny Westmere's wedding salon, he finds he has only one piece of business in mind: to make Jenny and her little boy his family-by Christmas!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги A Child In Need A Child In Need

An ideal husband and father? What can the small Australian town of Bay Beach offer an ambitious city lawyer like Nick Daniels? Well, first there's Shanni McDonald-a gorgeous, vivacious woman Nick is instantly attracted to. Second, there's tiny, vulnerable Harry-a three-year-old child from the orphanage, desperately in need of love. Nick is wary of commitment, but Shanni and Harry have decided that Nick is the man for them. All they have to do is persuade him!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги A Millionaire For Molly A Millionaire For Molly

Molly Farr can see why millionaire businessman Jackson Baird is called Australia's most eligible bachelor! He's charming, handsome, successful…and if Molly can't close the deal on a huge property with him she'll lose her job.

So the last thing Molly needs is to be distracted by an inconvenient attraction to her most valued client! Especially since Jackson has a reputation for dating only the most gorgeous, glamorous types – what could a man like him ever see in an ordinary woman like her?

Molly doesn't know – but Jackson does…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги A Royal Marriage Of Convenience A Royal Marriage Of Convenience

Nikolai de Montez, an international lawyer, has just discovered he's the estranged heir to the throne of Alp de Montez. To rightfully rule, he must marry Rose!

Rose McCray is an ordinary country vet, but her royal bloodline makes her Nik's bride of choice- and Rose knows it's her duty to accept.

The wedding ceremony is sumptuous, but when the formalities are over it's time for the prince and princess of Alp de Montez to get to know one another as man and wife!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги A Royal Proposition A Royal Proposition

As in a fairy tale, Penny-Rose O'Shea has been rescued from poverty by a handsome prince who wants to marry her! But this royal marriage is purely for convenience. Prince Alastair must marry a woman of unimpeachable virtue for one year, or his estate will be forfeited and his people will lose their homes…

Penny-Rose can't refuse to help, and agrees to become Alastair's temporary princess – not suspecting that she's about to fall for a man who isn't hers to fall in love with!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги A Special Kind Of Family A Special Kind Of Family

Having recently accepted a new job and rejected a marriage proposal, Dr. Erin Carmody was already reeling. So, after crashing her car and staggering to the door of Dr. Dom Spencer, she barely knew which way was up. At least that was how she rationalized the crazy, wonderful attraction she felt for this man she'd only just met.

But as Erin healed, she began to believe in the unbelievable. Perhaps she was meant to be here-helping Dom care for the people of Bombadeen, being a mother to his foster sons. Dom had shown her what true love was-if only he'd let her prove to him that what they had was real…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Abby and the Bachelor Cop Abby and the Bachelor Cop

Bride-to-be Abigail Callahan has her life mapped out. Good career, wealthy fiancé – it's perfect – too perfect. Then sexy bad-boy-turned-cop Raff Finn reenters Abby's life, landing her with an adorable homeless dog called Kleppy and a whole lot of trouble…

Raff's teenage recklessness once broke them apart, but he's not about to let his childhood sweetheart marry the wrong guy. With help from Kleppy and some Banksia Bay magic, Raff plans to reawaken the Abby he's always loved.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Adopt-a-Dad Adopt-a-Dad

The second in a quartet of Maitland Maternity novels connected by a mother's legacy of love.

For Michael Lord, head of security at Maitland Maternity, the arrival of the package from his long-lost mother recalled his abandonment as a baby – so he wasn't about to desert his secretary, Jenny Marrow. Seven months ago her husband had died in an accident. Now she was pregnant and her controlling mother-in-law wanted custody of the unborn child. The confirmed bachelor couldn't ignore a woman in trouble. Michael had an idea that could keep Jenny and her baby in Texas – a temporary husband!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Adopted: Twins! Adopted: Twins!

Matt McKay thinks he has his life all mapped out. He's on his way to propose to his "suitable" girlfriend – when fate intervenes. Irresistible Erin Douglas is catapulted into his path, with cute twin boys in tow!

Matt's chivalrous instincts take over, and his single lifestyle flies out the window as this ready-made family moves in to his bachelor pad. But Matt soon realizes he likes having the twins around – and, even more, he wants the woman who loves them…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Amor en palacio Amor en palacio

Tammy se sorprendió al descubrir que se había convertido en la tutora de su sobrino huérfano, Henry, que algún día sería príncipe de un país europeo Marc, el príncipe regente, quería que fuera educado en la realeza,y no estaba a acostumbrado a recibir negativas. Pero Tammy una combativa australiana, no tenía tiempo para los títulos, y estaba decidida a darle a su sobrino todo el amor que necesitaba,,, incluso si tenía que mudarse a palacio.

Pero mientras Tammy y Marc se enfrentaban por el futuro del bebe, la pasión que nació entre ellos se hizo imposible de resistir.


Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Bachelor Cure Bachelor Cure

Dr. Tessa Westcott burst into Mike Llewellyn's life like a redheaded whirlwind. She wore stilettos, she said exactly what she thought and she turned his orderly world upside down.

It wouldn't last. She was only around until her grandfather recovered his health, and there was no need to stay longer than necessary. But Mike had to admit that she lightened his workload and brightened his life. How could he persuade her that his wonderful car, his crazy dog and he himself were exactly what Tessa needed?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Betrothed: To the People’s Prince Betrothed: To the People’s Prince

Nikos Andreadis is the prince of people's hearts, but the crown of Argyros now belongs to Princess Athena, so he puts his kingdom first and brings the reluctant royal back from America.

Seeing beautiful Athena again brings back memories of their forbidden affair that Nikos thought he'd buried. But more shocking is the secret Athena's been carrying.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Boda con el príncipe Boda con el príncipe

¡Nunca una obligación había resultado tan maravillosa!

Nikolai de Montez, abogado internacional, acababa de descubrir que era el heredero al trono de Alp de Montez. Pero para llegar a gobernar el pequeño país debía casarse con Rose.

Rose McCray no era más que una veterinaria rural, pero su ascendencia real la convertía en la esposa perfecta para Nick… y Rose sabía que su obligación era casarse con él.

La ceremonia fue suntuosa, pero después de tantas formalidades había llegado el momento de que los príncipes de Alp de Montez se conocieran como marido y mujer.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Bushfire Bride Bushfire Bride

Dr. Rachel Harper just wanted to get away for a weekend. Now she's stranded in the Outback, working with doctor Hugo McInnes. Their attraction is soon raging as strongly as the bushfires around town. As the firestorm closes in on Cowral Bay, the heat between them is burning out of control…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Christmas with her Boss Christmas with her Boss

Meg Jardine, personal assistant extraordinaire, is convinced she's about to lose her job. Her gorgeous, dark and deeply unimpressed boss, William McMaster, is stranded in Melbourne over Christmas – and it's all her fault! With her heart in her mouth, she invites the intimidating billionaire home for the holiday…

At Meg's chaotic, cozy family farm, William's cold reserve begins to melt away. Suddenly they're seeing each other in a whole new light, and country girl Meg has shot straight to the top of William's Christmas list!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Cienie przeszłości Cienie przeszłości

Christy nagle opuściła Anglię i zjawiła się u brata w Australii, aby raz na zawsze uciec przed wspomnieniem nieszczęśliwej miłości do Adama, który okazał się żonatym mężczyzną. I tu, niemal na końcu świata, ponownie go spotyka! Czy znowu będzie musiała uciekać?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Cinderella: Hired by the Prince Cinderella: Hired by the Prince

Struggling cook Jenny works hard hiding her painful past behind fresh-baked muffins. Until a handsome stranger offers her a way out of her drudgery: a job on his yacht.

Jenny is drawn in by Ramón, and together they sail into the sunset. It could almost be perfect… Until Ramón reveals he's not a humble yachtsman but a secret prince – next in line for the throne.

What future could a simple small-town Cinderella have with a crown prince?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle

CITY SURGEON, SMALL-TOWN MIRACLE Marion Lennox Dr Maggie Croft-s decision to have her late husband-s baby has left her combining pregnancy with caring for a small town community! Dr Max Ashton had been heading back to his glamorous city life – but Maggie makes him remember another time, before he locked his heart away- BACHELOR DAD, GIRL NEXT DOOR Sharon Archer Single dad Dr Luke Daniels has come home to heal his heart. Dr Terri Mitchell remembers Luke from growing up in Port Cavill – maybe too well! The twinkle in the new doctor-s eyes makes her shiver, just the way it always did! Terri can-t stop herself falling for Luke and his young daughter. But Luke only sees her as the girl next door-doesn-t he?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle City Surgeon, Small Town Miracle

When Dr Maggie Croft decided to have her late husband's baby, she never envisioned combining pregnancy with caring for a small-town community! Chasing her dreams seems to have led her to a dead-end-but all that changes when she crashes into glamorous doctor Max Ashton, rounding the corner in his Aston Martin…Max had been heading back to the distraction of city life, but there's something about red-haired, irrepressible Maggie which grabs him and won't let go. Under her warm influence, he remembers another time, another Max-before he deliberately locked his heart away…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Crowned: The Palace Nanny Crowned: The Palace Nanny

Raising the heir to the throne is nanny Elsa Murdoch's dream job – she loves little Princess Zoe and protects her like a lioness.

Enter magnificent Prince Stefanos!

Stefanos throws everything up in the air, and Elsa is not pleased. Yet suddenly she's required to attend royal banquets by his side, ditching her nanny uniform for gowns and jewels.

Is Elsa being transformed from hired help to Her Royal Highness?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Dating The Millionaire Doctor Dating The Millionaire Doctor

Speed-dating – to baby! Vet Tori Nicholls lost everything when wildfire raged through her small Australian town. The community is slowly recovering, but Tori doesn-t feel she-ll ever live again. Until, while reluctantly speed-dating, she meets New York doctor Jake Hunter! He-s caring, he-s gorgeous-and he-s just passing through. A no-commitment fling could be what Tori needs to re-ignite her passion for life- But some commitments aren-t planned. Their one wonderful night has resulted in pregnancy – giving Tori a second chance at happiness. Can an Australian country girl renew her life with a Manhattan millionaire-and their baby?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Dlaczego Uciekasz Cari? Dlaczego Uciekasz Cari?

Po dramatycznych przejściach w kalifornijskim szpitalu od doktor Cari Eliss odwrócili się wszyscy, nawet najbliższa rodzina. Cari postanowiła uciec na koniec świata – i przekonała się, że swoje problemy człowiek wozi ze sobą; gdy po wypadku samochodowym trafiła do szpitalika w zapadłej australijskiej miejscowości, jeden z lekarzy postanowił dociec, co wydarzyło się w jej życiu. Czy kiedy prawda wyjdzie na jaw, i on odwróci się od niej?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Dziecko Pani Doktor Dziecko Pani Doktor

Pewnego dnia życie doktor Emily Mainwaring ogromnie się skomplikowało. Samotna Emily zapragnęła adoptować osieroconego chłopca, a jednocześnie zakochała się bez pamięci w Jonasie, chirurgu z Sydney, który nie ukrywa, że chętnie przeżyłby z nią romans. Tymczasem Emily, by uzyskać zgodę na adopcję, musi wyjść za mąż – a Jonas pragnie zachować niezależność.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги El amor vive al lado El amor vive al lado

Todo tenía un precio, y a Tom McIver le había llegado el momento de pagar.

La pequeña Hannah, de seis semanas de edad, era el resultado de su azarosa vida sentimental. Pero la niña no tenía madre y él necesitaba una esposa.

Sin saber cómo, Annie se encontró accediendo a su propuesta de matrimonio, pero era un matrimonio de conveniencia, un acuerdo donde el amor no tenía cabida… si no fuera porque ella ya estaba perdidamente enamorada de él.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги El Castillo del Amor El Castillo del Amor

Si quería casarse con ella… tendría que demostrarle que la amaba.

Como viuda y con una hija, era lógico que Susie desconfiara del hombre al que acababa de conocer y que además era el heredero del casillo en el que ella vivía con su pequeña. Seguramente el importante financiero neoyorquino Hamish Douglas querría venderlo.

Hamish había pensado convertir el castillo australiano en un hotel de lujo… hasta que conoció a la bella Susie. Por muy seguro que estuviera del éxito de aquel negocio, no podía negar la atracción que había entre ellos. Como tampoco podía echarla a ella y a su bebé de la casa que tanto querían. Sólo había una solución sensata para Hamish… casarse con ella.

Pero Susie era la última persona en el mundo que aceptaría un matrimonio de conveniencia…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги El hijo de la doctora El hijo de la doctora

Siendo la única doctora de Bay Beach, Emily Mainwaring estaba demasiado ocupada para distracciones. Por desgracia para ella, se acercaban dos importantes: un bebé huérfano al que deseaba adoptar, y Jonas Lunn, un guapísimo cirujano de Sydney cuyo interés por ella no parecía meramente profesional. Emily tenía un dilema: si se casaba con Jonas podría adoptar al niño… Pero Jonas no parecía de los que se casaban. Además, ¿debía ella arriesgarse a enamorarse de un hombre apasionado como él que seguramente iba a desbaratarle su organizada vida?

De pronto había encontrado al marido y al hijo que tanto deseaba.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги En un lugar del corazón En un lugar del corazón

A Luke Grey lo acababan de dejar al cuidado de una hermanastra que ni siquiera sabía que existiera. Un ejecutivo soltero como él no podía hacerse cargo de una niña tan pequeña, así que… ¿a quién se lo podía pedir?

En el orfanato de Bay Beach llegó a un trato con Wendy Mather: ella cuidaría a la pequeña si él les proporcionaba un hogar donde pudiera cuidar también de otra niña. ¡La casa de Luke era perfecta para tal propósito! Siempre y cuando él no se acostumbrara a tener una familia tan perfecta…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Fantasmas del pasado Fantasmas del pasado

El doctor Jock Blaxton era un estupendo obstetra y adoraba a cada niño que ayudaba a traer al mundo. Sin embargo, su pasado le impedía tener uno propio. Su relación con las mujeres era muy problemática. No solía salir más de dos veces con ninguna, pero la doctora Tina Rafter, que llegó para cuidar a los hijos de su hermana y comenzó a trabajar en el hospital de Gundowring, lo deslumbró.

¿Estropearían su relación los fantasmas del pasado?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Her Royal Baby Her Royal Baby

Rita Awards

The Prince Regent, Marc, and feisty Australian, Tammy, clash over her orphaned nephew who will one day be Crown Prince…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Hijacked Honeymoon Hijacked Honeymoon

Dr. Ryan Henry had left Australia as a teenager, and now he and fiancee Felicity planned a honeymoon there. But the first thing he did on arrival was knock Abbey Wittner off her bicycle. Damaging Abbey's leg was a real tragedy for she was the only doctor for miles! As a widow with a small child she needed to keep the medical practice running; for her patients sake she had to hijack his honeymoon. To Abbey seeing Ryan again was bliss – to Ryan she was a revelation!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги His Miracle Bride His Miracle Bride

An only child, Shanni Jefferson doesn't do family. But temporarily homeless and jobless, she jumps at the offer of a live-in nannying position. How hard can it be to look after one little baby?

Pierce MacLachlan has been economical with the truth- instead of one child, there are five! He's out of his depth with the unruly yet lovable brood…

But every night, once the children are all safely tucked in bed, Shanni wonders whether family life-with gorgeous Pierce-might suit her after all…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги His Secret Love-Child His Secret Love-Child

Two people have entered Cal Jamieson's life – his long-lost lover and his unknown son!

Cal Jamieson never gets involved. That is why he's a surgeon in isolated Crocodile Creek, and why he never wants a family – and why Gina Lopez had to leave him.

Then Gina returns, with the son he didn't know he had. She's only come to tell Cal he is a father, but she is forced to stay when an abandoned baby needs all her medical skills. Can Cal face up to fatherhood? Can he risk losing Gina again? And can he persuade her to stay – this time for good?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги In Dr. Darling’s Care In Dr. Darling’s Care

Dr. Lizzie Darling causes an accident that leaves Dr. Harry McKay with a broken leg! As the only available doctor, Lizzie stays to fill in at his little practice in Birrini. Slowly, Lizzie finds her heart going out to Birrini and its dangerously charming doctor…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Książę i Australijka Książę i Australijka

Życie Tammy zmieniło się w jednej sekundzie. Nieoczekiwanie została opiekunką osieroconego siostrzeńca, w dodatku mały Harry okazuje się… europejskim następcą tronu. Tammy opuszcza Australię i zamieszkuje w Broitenburgu, by pod czujnym okiem księcia Marka pełnić rolę królewskiej niani…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги La proposición del médico La proposición del médico

Era imposible luchar contra algo tan fuerte como lo que había entre ellos…

La tragedia que había sufrido había hecho que la doctora Kirsty McMahon tuviera miedo del amor. Por eso, cuando conoció a Jake Cameron, un padre soltero y alérgico al compromiso y el médico más guapo de Australia, decidió que no debía permitir que la química que existía entre ellos llegara a nada más.

Kirsty se mantuvo entretenida conociendo a toda la gente de la zona para así no pensar en el atractivo médico. Pero cuando la atracción se hizo incontrolable, se vieron obligados a replantearse las normas que ellos mismos se habían impuesto…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Miłość i spadek Miłość i spadek

Oszukał ją, zdradził i pozostawił bez grosza. Kate, jako jedyna lekarka w dolinie Corrook, musi ciężko pracować i oszczędzać, aby spłacić długi byłego męża. Nie ufa żadnemu mężczyźnie, nawet zakochanemu w niej Richardowi

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Misty and the Single Dad Misty and the Single Dad

Teacher Misty Lawrence has lived her whole life in Banksia Bay, cherishing a secret list of faraway dreams. Just as she's finally about to take flight, Nicholas Holt-tall, dark and deliciously bronzed-turns up in her classroom with his little son Bailey and an injured stray spaniel in tow.

Misty soon falls head over heels for all three-but her scrapbook of wishes keeps calling. Misty must decide: follow her dreams, or her heart? Because a girl can't have it all-can she?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Nie bój się uczuć Nie bój się uczuć

Do Kora Bay, nadmorskiej miejscowości turystycznej położonej na australijskim wybrzeżu, zawitał pewnego dnia luksusowy jacht, którego właściciel, doktor Ryan Connell, zaczął przyjmować pacjentów w znakomicie wyposażonym ambulatorium na pokładzie. Doktor Rose O’Meara, która do tej pory udzielała pomocy chorym w lokalnym punkcie medycznym, niemal natychmiast straciła pacjentów i pracę. Czy Ryan rzeczywiście chciał ją pozbawić środków do życia i perspektyw na przyszłość?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Ostry zakręt Ostry zakręt

W drodze do nadmorskiego miasteczka doktor Lizzie Darling wpada na swego nowego szefa. Pech chce, że on wybiega zza zakrętu i w zderzeniu z jej samochodem łamie nogę. Lizzie z poczucia obowiązku pomaga doktorowi McKayowi, lecz nie chce zostać w Birrini dłużej, niz jest to konieczne…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Pod wspólnym dachem Pod wspólnym dachem

Cztery lata temu Cathy postanowiła rozstać się z Samem, ponieważ lekceważył jej potrzeby. Usiłował zrobić z niej elegancką żonę, podczas gdy ona w niezbyt wytwornym stroju weterynarza wolała zajmować się chorymi przybłędami. Była pewna słuszności swej decyzji, nie podejrzewała jednak, że życie bez Sama okaże się takie puste i samotne. Sam wiedział, że głęboko zranił żonę, ale może po latach, gdy zaczął wreszcie cenić wyznawane przez Cathy wartości, zdoła ją skłonić, by dała mu drugą szansę?

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обложка книги Por un juramento Por un juramento

La doctora Tessa Westcott irrumpió en la vida de Mike Llewellyn como un torbellino. Llevaba zapatos de tacón de aguja, decía exactamente lo que pensaba y puso su ordenado mundo patas arriba.

No podía durar. Estaría allí sólo hasta que su abuelo se recuperase y no tendría por qué quedarse más de lo necesario. Pero Mike tenía que admitir que le alegraba la vida.

¿Cómo podía convencerla de que lo que ella realmente necesitaba era su amor?

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обложка книги Prescription-One Bride Prescription-One Bride

The Ogre of Barega? Not this dad!

Vet Jessica Harvey had need of Dr. Niall Mountmarche's professional services, and it was clear that he needed her loving support of his small daughter, Paige. Jess had to convince Niall that being reclusive and behaving like the Ogre of Barega wasn't the best way of helping Paige overcome her problems – or his own!

But no matter how close the three of them became, Jess knew that Niall was holding something back, just as she was. If she could confide her past to him, would Niall stay on the island? It didn't seem likely…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Prescription-One Husband Prescription-One Husband

The perfect wedding? Dr. Fern Rycroft had disappointed the islanders by not returning to work there, so she agreed to her aunt's wishes that she marry Sam on the island. But Fern hadn't anticipated two things – the actions of Lizzy Hurst, who adored Sam and wanted to stop the wedding, and meeting the new doctor, Quinn Gallagher. Lizzy's antics resulted in massage food poisoning, so Fern had no choice except to work with Dr. Gallagher, and by the time the panic was over Fern knew the wedding was off – at least to Sam.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Princess Of Convenience Princess Of Convenience

Rita Awards

Raoul needs a bride, fast, if he's to be Prince Regent of Alp'Azuri. He'd rather carry on his work as a doctor, but his country's future is at stake. Jessica agrees to marry Raoul, but she will return home the next day. Except Raoul is a man with a heart big enough not only to save a country, but to heal her broken heart too.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Rescatando el Amor Rescatando el Amor

Lo tenía todo… excepto el amor de su marido…

La boda de Rose y Marcus había sido rápida y maravillosa… pero en realidad sus votos eran una farsa, porque el suyo era un matrimonio de conveniencia. El multimillonario Marcus Benson le ofrecía a su flamante esposa una vida llena de lujos, todo un sueño para una mujer humilde como Rose.

Pero lo que Rose quería era su amor, no su dinero. El problema era que se estaba enamorando de su marido y él había construido toda una muralla alrededor de su corazón. ¿Tendría ella lo necesario para derribarla?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Rescatar un corazón Rescatar un corazón

Juntos tendrían la oportunidad de ser felices por fin…

El cirujano Fergus Reynard abandonó la gran ciudad para ejercer la medicina general en Cradle Lake, con la esperanza de poder superar allí un terrible golpe. Desde luego, las risas, la dedicación y el afecto de la doctora Ginny iban a serle de mucha ayuda.

Ginny sabía que no podía comenzar una relación con aquel maravilloso hombre si antes no superaba sus propios problemas. Pero Fergus no iba a permitir que huyera de aquella oportunidad única, del amor de su vida… Aunque eso significara entregar su corazón también a la pequeña sobrina que Ginny tenía a su cargo y desempeñar un papel al que creía que no volvería a enfrentarse: el de ser padre.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Rescue at Cradle Lake Rescue at Cradle Lake

Top surgeon Fergus Reynard abandoned city life in Sydney for a GP's life at Cradle Lake, hoping to soothe his broken heart. And indeed it is soothed-by the laughter, dedication and caring nature of local emergency doctor Ginny.

Ginny knows she cannot enter a relationship with this wonderful man in the midst of her own struggles. But Fergus will not let her run from their love of a lifetime-even though it means also giving his heart to the little niece in her care, and taking on a role he thought he could never face again-being a father.

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обложка книги Rescued By A Millionaire Rescued By A Millionaire

Jenna is stranded! She's in the middle of the Outback-no phone, no water and nobody but her baby sister for several hundred miles… except for Riley Jackson, who rescues them. He's a millionaire in hiding who's learned the hard way that love doesn't last. He doesn't want companionship, or commitment. But as Riley helps this brave, determined woman, Jenna realises that maybe she can help rescue Riley from his own demons. Now there's no reason for either of them to say no-to marriage!

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обложка книги Royal Marriage Of Convenience Royal Marriage Of Convenience

Nikolai de Montez, an international lawyer, has just discovered he's the estranged heir to the throne of Alp de Montez. To rightfully rule, he must marry Rose!

Rose McCray is an ordinary country vet, but her royal bloodline makes her Nik's bride of choice- and Rose knows it's her duty to accept.

The wedding ceremony is sumptuous, but when the formalities are over it's time for the prince and princess of Alp de Montez to get to know one another as man and wife!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Storm Haven Storm Haven

Could Nikki's home be a haven for Luke?

As a general practitioner to Eurong on the Queensland coast, Dr. Nikki Russell deliberately led a quiet life with small daughter Amy. Needing three weeks to review for an exam, she took on a locum to allow time to study.

Dr. Luke Marriott was a shock-why would a young, obviously highly qualified doctor with above average surgical skills be doing locum work-and avoiding his family like the plague? By the time Nikki found out, it was too late-she was already deeply in love, with a man who had no intention of staying…

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обложка книги Stormbound Surgeon Stormbound Surgeon

The rain is thrashing down on Iluka, and Joss Braden is bored out of his mind. In fact, the hotshot Sydney surgeon is heading out of there as fast as his sports car can take him!But the bridge is down. There's no way on or off the storm-lashed headland…not even for the emergency services! Suddenly, Joss is responsible for a whole town's health-with only Amy Freye's nursing home as his makeshift hospital. And as Joss and Amy cope with their unexpected responsibility for a series of crises, the incredible chemistry between them becomes an emergency in itself!

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обложка книги The Doctor & the Runaway Heiress The Doctor & the Runaway Heiress

Swapping her designer dresses for a nurse's uniform!

Renowned doctor Riley Chase may have rescued heiress Pippa Fotheringham from the sea, but he's definitely no knight in shining armor! A lone wolf, he's trained his heart to let no one in.

On the run from a life under the spotlight, and a nearly catastrophic trip down the aisle, nurse Pippa jetted off on her honeymoon-alone. But her (working) holiday turns out to be far more exciting than candlelit dinners for one, especially when very real, very unexpected sparks start to fly between her and the man who vowed he'd never love again…

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обложка книги The Doctors’ Baby The Doctors’ Baby

As Bay Beach's only doctor, Emily Mainwaring is far too busy for distractions. Unfortunately for her, two major ones are headed her way! First, there's an orphaned baby boy she longs to adopt. Second, there's Jonas Lunn, a gorgeous surgeon from Sydney whose interest in Emily is far from strictly professional!

Emily faces a dilemma: if she marries Jonas, she can adopt her baby… But Jonas doesn't seem the marrying kind – and in any case, should Emily take a risk on loving such a passionate man who will surely turn her neatly organized life upside down?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги The Doctor’s Proposal The Doctor’s Proposal

Tragedy has left Dr. Kirsty McMahon afraid to fall in love. So when she meets commitment-phobic single father Jake Cameron-Dolphin Bay's gorgeous doctor-she assures herself that the chemistry between them will never amount to anything.

Kirsty busies herself with getting to know the people of Dolphin Bay-and generally doing all she can to keep her mind off the handsome single dad. But when the attraction between her and Jake becomes too strong to ignore, they find themselves having to reconsider the rules they've made for themselves…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги The Doctor’s Rescue Mission The Doctor’s Rescue Mission

A tidal wave has swept across Petrel Island. When Dr. Grady Reece leads an Air-Sea Rescue team to help the isolated community, he finds dedicated doctor Morag Lacy in charge. Morag and Grady once had a blazing affair, and Grady has never stopped loving her…

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги The Doctor’s Special Touch The Doctor’s Special Touch

Dr Darcy Rochester is horrified when 'doctor' Ally Westruther sets up her massage business next door. But why does such a talented doctor refuse to practise medicine as well as massage? Why doesn't such a skilled worker have enough money to eat? And why does such a beautiful, caring, passionate woman want nothing to do with love?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги The Heir’s Chosen Bride The Heir’s Chosen Bride

As a widow and single mom, Susan is wary about meeting the man who has just inherited the rambling castle in Australia where she and her small daughter live. Surely New York financier Hamish Douglas will want to sell up?

Hamish had planned to turn the castle into a luxury hotel – until he met the beautiful Susie. He might see everything as a potential business deal, but even he couldn't deny the attraction between them. Nor could he evict her and her baby from their beloved home. For Hamish, surely marriage was the only sensible solution?

But Susie is the last person who will accept a marriage proposal just because it's "sensible." If Hamish wants to marry her, he'll have to prove he loves her first!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги The Last-Minute Marriage The Last-Minute Marriage

Peta and Marcus had a wonderful whirlwind wedding-but their vows are a sham: it's a marriage of convenience! Now billionaire Marcus Benson is showering his bride with gifts and offering a life of luxury. Surely that would be a dream come true for penniless Peta? No! Peta wants him-not gifts or money! She's startled to realize she's falling in love with her convenient groom. But Marcus has built impenetrable walls around his heart. Has Peta got what it takes to knock them down?

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги The Police Doctor’s Secret The Police Doctor’s Secret

A light plane has crashed near isolated Dolphin Cove. The pilot's dead, and passengers are missing. But when Dr. Alistair Benn asks for help, they send Dr. Sarah Rose. Alistair held Sarah responsible for a tragedy in his past. He has never forgiven her… or forgotten her.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги The Prince’s Captive Wife The Prince’s Captive Wife

Nine years ago Prince Andreas Karedes returned to his island kingdom of Aristo in the Mediterranean Sea to take up his regal duties, not knowing that Holly, the sweet Australian girl with whom he'd briefly fallen in love, had become pregnant…

Tragically, Holly lost their baby. She remained on her parents' farm to be near her tiny son's final resting place, wishing Andreas would return!

A royal scandal is about to break: a dirt-digging journalist has discovered Holly's secret! Andreas's childhood sweetheart must come and face him. Passion runs high as Andreas issues an ultimatum – to avoid disgrace, Holly must become his bride!

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги The Prince’s Outback Bride The Prince’s Outback Bride

The throne of Alp d'Estella lies empty: Prince Regent Max de Gautier travels to the Outback to find the next heir-eight-year-old orphan Marc. Max isn't expecting to be confronted by a feisty woman who is fiercely protective of her adopted family.

Although Pippa is wary of this dashing prince, she cannot deny Marc his heritage-nor her attraction to Max-so she agrees to spend one month in his royal kingdom.

Will it be enough to convince Pippa and the kids to stay-and for Max to make her his royal bride?

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обложка книги The Surgeon’s Family Miracle The Surgeon’s Family Miracle

Surgeon Ben Blaydon is called to the exotic island of Kapua to provide medical assistance. He is stunned to find the island's doctor is Lily Cyprano, the girl he loved at medical school, and that she has a seven-year-old son-his son, Benjy!

Ben has traveled the world, always avoiding emotional ties. Now he finds himself with a ready-made family. Having rescued Lily and their son from a crisis in Kapua, Ben sends them to recover at his ranch in Australia. But will the lure of his rekindled feelings for Lily and the charm of his newfound son give him the courage to join them and claim the loving family he needs?

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обложка книги Their Baby Bargain Their Baby Bargain

Luke Grey had just been landed with a baby half sister he'd never known existed! A bachelor businessman couldn't possibly look after her – so who could?

When Luke arrived at Bay Beach Orphanage, Wendy Maher made him a bargain: she'd look after the baby if Luke provided them with a home so Wendy could also foster another little girl. His house would do just fine! As long as Luke wasn't in danger of falling for his ready-made "family"…

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обложка книги Tiempo de amarse Tiempo de amarse

Una familia real dividida por el orgullo y la sed de poder volverá a unirse gracias al amor y a la pasión

Una familia real dividida por el orgullo y la sed de poder volverá a unirse gracias al amor y la pasión Habían pasado diez años desde que Andreas Karedes abandonara Australia para hacer frente a sus obligaciones como príncipe de Aristo, sin sospechar que dejaba atrás a una mujer embarazada. La joven e inocente Holly perdió el bebé, y se quedó en la granja de sus padres para estar cerca del lugar donde descansaba el pequeño. Había pasado el tiempo, pero no había podido olvidar a Andreas. En el peor momento posible para Aristo, un periodista había descubierto el secreto de Holly. Si quería evitar el escándalo, Andreas tendría que reunirse con su amor de juventud y convencerla de que se convirtiera en su esposa. Todo empezó con un secuestro y acabó… apasionadamente.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги To the Doctor: A Daughter To the Doctor: A Daughter

Dr. Nate Ethan has all he needs-a job he loves as a country doctor in New South Wales and a bachelor lifestyle. Right now Nate is reserving all his commitment for his patients.

Dr. Gemma Campbell is about to change all that. Her sister has left her with two children-and one of them is Nate's! Gemma just can't cope anymore and, though it would break her heart, she needs to give Nate his baby and walk away.

Except that Nate will do anything to stop her leaving-at first for baby Mia-and then for himself!

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обложка книги Un millonario enamorado Un millonario enamorado

Hay cosas que el dinero no puede comprar…

Molly Farr entendía por qué el millonario Jackson Baird era conocido como "el soltero más codiciado de Australia". Era guapo, encantador y rico… y Molly tenía que cerrar aquel trato con él o perdería su empleo. Por eso lo último que necesitaba era sentirse atraída por su cliente más importante. Especialmente sabiendo que Jackson tenía fama de salir solo con las mujeres más guapas y sofisticadas. ¿Qué podría ver en ella un hombre como él?

Molly no lo sabía…, pero Jackson sí.

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обложка книги Unos Invitados Muy Especiales Unos Invitados Muy Especiales

Matt McKay creía tener la vida perfectamente planeada cuando decidió pedirle a su novia que se casara con él…, pero entonces se interpuso el destino. La irresistible Erin Douglas apareció en su camino…¡con dos preciosos gemelos de la mano! El impulso caballeroso de Matt tiró por la borda todo su futuro; de pronto, tenía una familia. Para su propia sorpresa, Matt no tardó en darse cuenta de que le gustaba la mujer que había provocado todo aquello…

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обложка книги Wanted: Royal Wife and Mother Wanted: Royal Wife and Mother

For five long years, Kelly has been separated from her son, the Alp de Ciel heir, and has been fighting to get him back. But with her estranged husband's death, Kelly can finally reclaim little Matty.

Prince Regent Rafael de Boutaine wants mother and son to be reunited, but insists Kelly must embrace royal life.

Kelly will do anything for Matty, and returns to the palace. But as she gets to know Rafael, she starts to fall in love with the man behind the prince. Kelly is in danger of doing what she vowed to avoid at all costs: becoming a royal wife again.

Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы  
обложка книги Święta pełne słońca Święta pełne słońca

Bonnie ma tak złe wspomnienia z dzieciństwa, że mimo iż jest lekarką, nie poczuwa się do opieki – podczas świąt – nad chorym wujem i jego farmą. Zmienia jednak zdanie, powodowana sarkastycznymi uwagami Webba Halforda – lekarza wuja – który najwyraźniej uważa ją za potwora. Bonnie uznaje też, że skoro ma zająć się jednym starym człowiekiem, to może zaopiekować się dwoma – i przywozi na farmę pacjenta ze swojego szpitala w Melbourne. Czyżby zależało jej na opinii Webba?

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Поиск книг, авторов и серий книг от Яндекса:

Схожие по жанру новинки месяца

  •  Демон моей души (СИ)
     Васина Екатерина
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы

    Подружившись, Карина и Ангелина не знали еще, что отныне их жизни окажутся переплетены невидимыми нитями. А таким разными мужчинам - строгому преподавателю по прозвищу Демон и вспыльчивому скандинаву-стоматологу Ивару - придется ой как нелегко в завоевании девушек. Ведь одна из них боится принять специфические пристрастия возлюбленного, а вторая просто избегает мужчин.

  •  Опиум
     Мейер Лана
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы, Остросюжетные любовные романы, Эротика, Старинное, Старинная литература

    Три года в тюрьме ничто по сравнению с тем, через что мне пришлось пройти.    Ничто по сравнению с болью, которую испытывал, смотря в навсегда погасшие глаза моего сына.    В тот день я понял, что больше никогда не буду прежним. Не смогу, зная, что убийца Эйдана ходит по земле.    Что эта мразь дышит и смеет посягать на то, что принадлежит мне.    Убить его? Этот ублюдок не дождется от меня столь человечного поступка.    Но я с радостью отниму у него все, чем он обладает. То, что он любит больше всего. Я сотру в порoшок все, что Брауну дорого, пока он не начнет умолять меня о смерти.    Ради сына я оставил клан, который воспитал меня после смерти родителей. Но мне придется вернуться к «семье» и заключить сделку с Дьяволом.    В плане моей личной Вендетты не может быть слабых мест...    Но я ошибся. Как и Дженна.    Тайлер(с)      Время…говорят, что оно лечит, но со мной этого не произошло.    Время уничтожило меня.    Год за годом, месяц за месяцем я умирала.    Хотя половина меня, лучшая часть меня, погибла в тот вечер вместе с сестрой.    Оставшись без крыши над головой, я убежала в Вегас. В город грехов, где можно забыть о своих, спрятаться в толпе таких же прожигателей жизни...    Тайлер мог бы стать тем, кто вернет меня к жизни. Но я ошиблась.    Мы потеряли голову, пока судьба не поменяла карты.    Я стала его главной мишенью, препятствием, которое нужно уничтожить ради своего плана.    И мне страшно. Но страх, это единственное чувство, которое позволят мне чувствовать себя живой. Пока...живой.    Джелена (с)

  •  Урод
     Светлова Наталья
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы

    Красота и Уродство — злободневные темы с начала времен. Мы восхищаемся красотой и умоляем даровать ее нам. От уродства каждый отводит глаза, старается избежать прямого контакта. Но пусть каждый ответит себе на вопрос: "Что важнее: красота внешняя или внутренняя? И что страшнее: уродство лица или души?"

  •  Как укротить Валькирию (СИ)
     Васина Екатерина
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы

    Дана привыкла быть сильной и зависеть только от себя. Увы, не все хотят считаться с ее мнением. Есть тот, кто желает заполучить девушку в свое личное пользование. Любой ценой... Ну ок, не зря старший брат называет ее Валькирией. Дана привыкла играть по своим правилам. Главное, чтобы не было неприятных сюрпризов... У Ивара в личной жизни мягко говоря все плохо. Любимая девушка ведет себя так, что впору выть на луну. А нелюбимые...впрочем, о них лучше вообще молчать.

  •  ~А (Алая буква)
     Кова(ль)кова Юлия
     Проза, Современная проза, Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы,

    Ему тридцать шесть, он успешный хирург, у него золотые руки, репутация, уважение, свободная личная жизнь и, на первый взгляд, он ничем не связан. Единственный минус — он ненавидит телевидение, журналистов, вообще все, что связано с этой профессией, и избегает публичности. И мало кто знает, что у него есть то, что он стремится скрыть.  Ей двадцать семь, она работает в «Останкино», без пяти минут замужем и она — ведущая популярного ток-шоу. У нее много плюсов: внешность, характер, увлеченность своей профессией. Единственный минус: она костьми ляжет, чтобы он пришёл к ней на передачу. И никто не знает, что причина вовсе не в ее желании строить карьеру — у нее есть тайна, которую может спасти только он.  Это часть 1 книги (выходит к изданию в декабре 2017). Часть 2 (окончание романа) выйдет в январе 2018 года. 

  •  Рождество хищницы (ЛП)
     Андерсон Эвангелина
     Любовные романы, Современные любовные романы, Домоводство (Дом и семья), Эротика, Секс

    Женевьева Уэллс, бессердечная хладнокровная начальница, вот-вот потеряет работу, если не найдет, с кем отправиться на интимный курорт для супругов. К сожалению, муж развелся с ней несколько месяцев назад – факт, который она скрывала ото всех. Дрю Джеймисон – её очень терпеливый и амбициозный сотрудник, мечтающий о повышении. Он ненавидит Женевьеву и в то же время страстно желает. Однако эта ледяная красавица почти на десять лет старше него и так недосягаема. Соглашаясь выдать себя за мужа Женевьевы в обмен на продвижение по карьерной лестнице, Дрю даже не догадывается, какой интимный опыт приобретет со своей прекрасной, но недоступной начальницей. Отдых на новом корпоративном курорте оказался и вправду бесконечно насыщенным: съедобная краска для тела, костюмы для ролевых игр, БДСМ игрушки – и это только часть стандартного приветственного пакета курорта для супругов «Сосновый рай». Не говоря уже об «интимных упражнениях», выполнять которые обязательно каждую ночь. Дрю и Женевьева превосходно играют свои роли, но как только напряжение между ними нарастает, Дрю понимает, что влюбляется в женщину, которую когда-то ненавидел. А холодное сердце Женевьевы начинает плавиться, оттаивая под чувственными прикосновениями мужчины намного моложе неё. Раскроется ли их обман? Смогут ли они сохранить работу и не потерять при этом сердца? Или это Рождество изменит всё? Ответы на эти вопросы вы сможете узнать, прочитав «Рождество хищницы»…

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