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 Название  Автор  Серия
обложка книги Galactic Convoy Galactic Convoy Baldwin Bill  
обложка книги Galactic Medal of Honor Galactic Medal of Honor Reynolds Mack, Difate Vincent  
обложка книги Galactic Patrol Galactic Patrol Smith E E "Doc" Lensman  
galatians.p65 Chingis-Khan  
Galaxy Online. Головорезы Соловьев Сергей  
обложка книги [Gallagher Girls 01] I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You [Gallagher Girls 01] I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You Carter Ally  
обложка книги [Gallagher Girls 02 ] - Cross My Heart & Hope To Spy [Gallagher Girls 02 ] - Cross My Heart & Hope To Spy Carter Ally  
обложка книги Gambit Gambit Stout Rex  
Game Over Unknown  
обложка книги Games Wizards Play (Young Wizards Series) Games Wizards Play (Young Wizards Series) Duane Diane  
обложка книги Gasoline Gasoline

Heribert Juliá and Humbert Herrera are opposites: the one can no longer paint, and doesn't much care, the other wants to create the sculpture to end all sculptures, the film of all films, the exhibit of all exhibitions. One couldn't care less about his mistress, the other swoops in. A fun-house mirror through which Monzó examines the creative process.

ó Quim  
обложка книги Gataca Gataca Franck Thilliez,  
genesis.p65 g  
обложка книги Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World Weatherford Jack  
обложка книги Genoa: A Telling of Wonders Genoa: A Telling of Wonders

"[Genoa] invites us to pass our minds down a new but ancient track, to become, ourselves, both fact and fiction, and to discover something true about the geography of time." — William Gass, The New York Times

"Genoa is a spectacular confrontation with Melville's work, the journals of Columbus and molecular biology — all folded into a hallucinatory narrative about two brothers and their different paths through the American century." — Publishers Weekly

"Much like his great-grandfather, Herman Melville, Paul Metcalf brings an extraordinary diversity of materials into the complex patterns of analogy and metaphor, to affect a common term altogether brilliant in its imagination." — Robert Creeley

"A unique work of historical and literary imagination, eloquent and powerful. I know of nothing like it." — Howard Zinn

First published in 1965, Genoa is Paul Metcalf's purging of the burden of his relationship to his great-grandfather Herman Melville. In his signature polyphonic style, a storm-tossed Indiana attic becomes the site of a reckoning with the life of Melville; with Columbus, and his myth; and between two brothers — one, an MD who refuses to practice; the other, an executed murderer. Genoa is a triumph, a novel without peer, that vibrates and sings a quintessentially American song.

Paul Metcalf (1917–99) was an American writer and the great-grandson of Herman Melville. His three volume Collected Works were published by Coffee House Press in 1996.

Metcalf Paul  
Genocid Unknown  
обложка книги Genocidal Organ Genocidal Organ Itoh Project  
обложка книги Get Lucky Get Lucky Monroe Lila  
обложка книги Gheranda Samhhita Gheranda Samhhita Gheranda  
(Ghost Ship splinter) Daav's up early : (c) 2012, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Unknown  

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