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обложка книги W Is for Wasted W Is for Wasted







Grafton Sue Kinsey Millhone  
обложка книги Waiting Game (The Chronicles of Covent) Waiting Game (The Chronicles of Covent) Ficks J L  
обложка книги War of the Mountain Man War of the Mountain Man

Rocky Mountain Showdown

Big Max Higgins ran the outlaw town of Hell's Creek up in the north Montana Rockies. . .and he decided to include the nearby town of Barlow in his cutthroat operation. What he didn't know was that Smoke Jensen was there with his wife, visiting relatives.

It didn't take Smoke long to rout out the lot of them with angry fists and blazing guns. . .but Smoke didn't count on Big Max doing something as daring, desperate, and stupid as kidnapping his wife--and demanding the town of Barlow itself as ransom.

Soon Big Max Higgins would look up and see the last mountain man riding down the middle of the street with reins in his teeth and both hands filled with .44s. Big Max had always wanted to make a name for himself, and he was going to get it, too--carved on his gravestone.

Johnstone William W The Last Mountain Man  
обложка книги Ward No. 6 and Other Stories, 1892-1895 Ward No. 6 and Other Stories, 1892-1895 Chekhov Anton  
обложка книги Warriors of the Storm (2015) Warriors of the Storm (2015) Cornwell Bernard Saxon Chronicles  
Was Revolution Inevitable? Turning Points of the Russian Revolution Brenton Tony  

Strange how often the Millennium has been at hand. The idea is peace on Earth, see, and the way to do it is by figuring out angles.

Sheckley Robert Notions: Unlimited  
обложка книги Water Water McKinley Robin, Dickinson Peter Tales of Elemental Spirits  
Watermark Brodsky Joseph  
Wedding Bell Blues Watts Julia  
обложка книги Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth Jones Stephen  
обложка книги West of the Law West of the Law Compton Ralph  
обложка книги Western Hospitality Western Hospitality Branjord Logan  
What the Hell Did I Just Read Wong David  
When in Rome... Townley Gemma  
обложка книги When Lightning Strikes When Lightning Strikes Cabot Meg 1-800-Where-R-You  
обложка книги Where Loyalties Lie (Best Laid Plans Book 1) Where Loyalties Lie (Best Laid Plans Book 1) Hayes Rob J  
обложка книги Where There's a Will Where There's a Will Stout Rex  
обложка книги Where There's a Will Where There's a Will

Investigating the bizarre will of late multimillionaire Noel Hawthorne — who left the bulk of his estate to his mistress and nearly nothing to his three sisters — astute sleuth Nero Wolfe stumbles upon a legacy of murder.

Stout Rex , Nero Wolfe  
обложка книги Whispers Whispers Koontz Dean  

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