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обложка книги Absurdistan Absurdistan

Absurdistan is not just a hilarious novel, but a record of a particular peak in the history of human folly. No one is more capable of dealing with the transition from the hell of socialism to the hell of capitalism in Eastern Europe than Shteyngart, the great-great grandson of one Nikolai Gogol and the funniest foreigner alive.”

–Aleksandar Hemon

From the critically acclaimed, bestselling author of The Russian Debutante’s Handbook comes the uproarious and poignant story of one very fat man and one very small country

Meet Misha Vainberg, aka Snack Daddy, a 325-pound disaster of a human being, son of the 1,238th-richest man in Russia, proud holder of a degree in multicultural studies from Accidental College, USA (don’t even ask), and patriot of no country save the great City of New York. Poor Misha just wants to live in the South Bronx with his hot Latina girlfriend, but after his gangster father murders an Oklahoma businessman in Russia, all hopes of a U.S. visa are lost.

Salvation lies in the tiny, oil-rich nation of Absurdistan, where a crooked consular officer will sell Misha a Belgian passport. But after a civil war breaks out between two competing ethnic groups and a local warlord installs hapless Misha as minister of multicultural affairs, our hero soon finds himself covered in oil, fighting for his life, falling in love, and trying to figure out if a normal life is still possible in the twenty-first century.

With the enormous success of The Russian Debutante’s Handbook, Gary Shteyngart established himself as a central figure in today’s literary world—“one of the most talented and entertaining writers of his generation,” according to The New York Observer. In Absurdistan, he delivers an even funnier and wiser literary performance. Misha Vainberg is a hero for the new century, a glimmer of humanity in a world of dashed hopes.

Shteyngart Gary  
A QUESTION OF GUILT Gordon Richard  
Adrian Mole: Diary of a Provincial Man

Originally, this work was posted on the Guardian newspaper website, in at least 94 installments from November 1999 to October 2001. Set between the novels Adrian Mole: Cappucino Years and Adrian Mole & the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Townsend Sue  
Alma Matrix или Служение игумена Траяна

 Наши дни. Семьдесят километров от Москвы, Сергиев Посад, Троице-Сергиева Лавра, Московская духовная семинария – древнейшее учебное заведение России. Закрытый вуз, готовящий будущих священников Церкви. Замкнутый мир богословия, жесткой дисциплины и послушаний.

Семинарская молодежь, стремящаяся вытащить православие из его музейного прошлого, пытается преодолеть в себе навязываемый администрацией типаж смиренного пастыря и бросает вызов проректору по воспитательной работе игумену Траяну Введенскому.

Гений своего дела и живая легенда, отец Траян принимается за любимую работу по отчислению недовольных.

Кукушкин Александр А, Гуров Михаил  
A Predicament Poe Edgar Allan  
обложка книги A Damsel in Distress A Damsel in Distress

When Maud Marsh flings herself into George Benson’s cab in Piccadilly, he starts believing in damsels in distress. But when George traces his mysterious traveling companion to Belpher Castle, home of Lord Marshmoreton, things become severely muddled—the scene for the perfect Wodehouse comedy of errors.

Wodehouse Pelham Grenville  
A Midsummer Masquerade Henry O The Gentle Grafter  
A Tempered Wind Henry O The Gentle Grafter  
A Man of Means Wodehouse Pelham Grenville, Bowell Chales H  
обложка книги Alternatives to Sex Alternatives to Sex

Boston real estate agent William Collins knows that his habits are slipping out of control. Due to obsessive-compulsive daily cleaning binges and a penchant for nightly online cruising for hookups, he finds his sales figures slipping despite a booming market. There’s also his ongoing struggle to collect the rent from his passive-aggressive tenant and his worries about his best friend, Edward, whom he’s certainly not in love with. Just as he decides to do something about his life, he meets Charlotte and Samuel, wealthy suburbanites looking for the perfect city apartment. “Happy couple,” he writes in his notes. “Maybe I can learn something from them.” What he ultimately discovers challenges his own assumptions about real estate, love, and desire; and what they learn from him might unravel a budding friendship, not to mention a very promising sale.

Full of crackling dialogue delivered by a stellar ensemble of players, Alternatives to Sex is a smart, hilarious chronicle of life in post-traumatic, morally ambiguous America—where the desire to do good is constantly being tripped up by the need to feel good. Right now.

McCauley Stephen  
обложка книги Angelų klubas Angelų klubas

„Angelų klubas“ – vieno garsiausių šiuolaikinių brazilų rašytojų Luiso Fernando Verissimo satyrinė istorija apie keistus pasirinkimus, mirtį ir nuostabias gastronomines patirtis. Nevengdamas tamsaus humoro autorius pasakoja apie dešimt pasiturinčių vyrų, džiaugsmingai puoselėjančių apsirijimo nuodėmę. Visi jie priklauso gurmanų klubui ir kartą per mėnesį susitinka pasimėgauti itin prašmatniomis vakarienėmis. Po dvidešimties klubo gyvavimo metų lyderis miršta nuo AIDS, o kitus narius sieję ryšiai ima braškėti. Mėginant išsaugoti vakarienių tradiciją priimama keistoko mažakalbio virėjo pagalba – jo puoduose ir keptuvėse sukuriami šedevrai išlepusius gurmanus pavergia ir priverčia ryžtis sunkiai suvokiamiems dalykams.

Verissimo Luis Fernando  
обложка книги Aventuroj de la brava soldato Švejk dum la mondmilito Aventuroj de la brava soldato Švejk dum la mondmilito

Ilustraĵoj de Josef Lada

šek Jaroslav  

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