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обложка книги Mini Shopaholic Mini Shopaholic


Schnäppchen – Schnuller – Shoppingtüten!

Becky Brandon, geborene Bloomwood, hatte sich ihr Dasein als Mutter leichter vorgestellt. Die zweijährige Minnie ist tatsächlich ein sehr lebhaftes, willensstarkes Kind – man könnte sie auch als Teufelsbraten bezeichnen. Ihr Lieblingswort ist »Meins!«, und eine Vorliebe für Markenartikel ist nicht zu übersehen. Woher sie das nur hat? Becky jedenfalls kauft angesichts der Krise nur noch das Notwendigste – Handtaschen, Schuhe, Spielsachen für Minnie ... auch die Firma ihres Mannes leidet unter der Wirtschaftslage, und um Luke aufzuheitern, plant Becky heimlich eine Party zu dessen Geburtstag. Inzwischen soll die aus dem Fernsehen bekannte »Nanny Sue« aus Minnie einen Gemüse liebenden Wonneproppen machen. Kann das alles gutgehen?


„Unterhaltung in wunderbarer Vollendung: eine liebenswerte Heldin, seitenweise Spaß und die enorm wohltuende Gewissheit, dass wir hemmungslosen Shopaholics nicht allein auf der Welt sind.“ (Sunday Independent )

»Sophie Kinsella ist die Königin der romantischen Komödie! Ihre Figuren haben genau die richtige Dosis liebenswerter Schrullen.« (New York Post )

Kinsella Sophie  
обложка книги Meine russischen Nachbarn Meine russischen Nachbarn

Иллюстрации Виталия Константинова.

Каминер Владимир  
обложка книги My Uncle Oswald My Uncle Oswald


From that most dramatically dual of literary personalities, writing not in his classic “Chocolate Factory” incarnation but as the devilish Dahl of Kiss Kiss and Switch Bitch — here is the ultimate adult romp.

Behold Uncle Oswald, Michelangelo of seduction.

He makes Casanova look like Winnie the Pooh.

He stumbles — circa 1919 — onto the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac: Powdered Sudanese Blister Beetle.

it makes Spanish Fly look like Ovaltine.

Then he discovers a method of quick-freezing sperm . . . and gets the most imspired commercial idea in history.

First he makes a list of the 51 living geniuses and crowned heads (from young James Joyce and King Albert of the Belgians to Puccini and Henry Ford) whom your average very rich and ambitious woman might most want to father her children. Then he retains the half-Persian, ineffably beautiful (and insatiable) biology student Yasmin to personally administer Blister Beetle to each of the famous 51 and, during each incredible aftermath, to collect the priceless essence of fatherhood for freezing. Well. As we follow Yasmin across Europe — from Genius to Genius and Royal to Royal — amazing scenes take place. George Bernard Shaw’s ultimate secret is revealed. Freud is utterly bewildered. Picasso doesn’t even put down his paintbrush . . .

How does Yasmin gain access to the great? Which of Them is interestingly activated by the Beetle Pill: King Alfonso? Proust? Kipling perhaps? Who will ultimately make a fortune from the scheme? And will the world be incresingly populated (and, of course, enhanced) by the secret progeny and grand-progeny, ad infinitum, of the dazzling 51? These are only a few of the questions answered in a book in which you encounter — under quite extraordinary circumstances — just about everybody who was anybody you might like to have had for your dad.

Dahl Roald  
MS Вий Каганов Леонид  
обложка книги MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors

Before the movie, this is the novel that gave life to Hawkeye Pierce, Trapper John, Hot Lips Houlihan, Frank Burns, Radar O'Reilly, and the rest of the gang that made the 4077th MASH like no other place in Korea or on earth.

The doctors who worked in the Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals (MASH) during the Korean War were well trained but, like most soldiers sent to fight a war, too young for the job. In the words of the author, "a few flipped their lids, but most of them just raised hell, in a variety of ways and degrees."

For fans of the movie and the series alike, here is the original version of that perfectly corrupt football game, those martini-laced mornings and sexual escapades, and that unforgettable foray into assisted if incompleted suicide — all as funny and poignant now as they were before they became a part of America's culture and heart.

Hooker Richard  
обложка книги MRS. POLLIFAX AUF SAFARI. Ein heiterer Roman. MRS. POLLIFAX AUF SAFARI. Ein heiterer Roman. Gilman Dorothy  
обложка книги MRS. POLLIFAX UND DER HONGKONG-BUDDHA. Ein heiterer Roman MRS. POLLIFAX UND DER HONGKONG-BUDDHA. Ein heiterer Roman Gilman Dorothy  
обложка книги MASH MASH

На основе экой книги был сделан одноимённый телесериал.

Если коротко, то о двух офицерах по призыву. Полтора года в полевом госпитале на корейской войне.

Хукер Ричард  
обложка книги Mrs. Korner Sins Her Mercies Mrs. Korner Sins Her Mercies

“Mrs. Korner Sins Her Mercies” (1904) — short story by Jerome Klapka Jerome from collection titled “The Passing of the Third Floor Back: and Other Stories”.

Jerome Jerome Klapka The Passing of the Third Floor Back and Other Stories  
Made in Israel

Сборник рассказов о жизни репатриантов в Израиле.

Якубович Евгений  
Made in USSR Якубович Евгений  
Modern Rural Sports Henry O The Gentle Grafter  
обложка книги Motorworld Motorworld

Jeremy Clarkson gets under the skin of 12 countries by looking at the cars people drive and how they drive them. Hilarious travel writing.

Clarkson Jeremy  
обложка книги Mortuary Confidential Mortuary Confidential

When the casket reached the front of the sanctuary, there was a loud cracking sound as the bottom fell out. And with a thump, down came Father Iggy.

From shoot-outs at funerals to dead men screaming and runaway corpses, undertakers have plenty of unusual stories to tell—and a special way of telling them.

In this macabre and moving compilation, funeral directors across the country share their most embarrassing, jaw-dropping, irreverent, and deeply poignant stories about life at death’s door. Discover what scares them and what moves them to tears. Learn about rookie mistakes and why death sometimes calls for duct tape.

Enjoy tales of the dearly departed spending eternity naked from the waist down and getting bottled and corked—in a wine bottle. And then meet their families—the weepers, the punchers, the stolidly dignified, and the ones who deliver their dead mother in a pickup truck.

If there’s one thing undertakers know, it’s that death drives people crazy. These are the best “bodies of work” from America’s darkest profession.


Praise for Mortuary Confidential

“Sick, funny, and brilliant! I love this book.”

—JONATHAN MABERRY, multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of They Bite! and Rot & Ruin

“As unpredictable and lively as a bunch of drunks at a New Orleans funeral.”


“Alternately poignant and peculiar, Mortuary Confidential is an insightful glimpse into the real lives of undertakers.”

—MELISSA MARR, New York Times bestselling author of the Wicked Lovely series

“I have always had an insatiable curiosity of anything that smacks of the tawdry. I suppose the ‘goings on’ around funeral parlors must fall under this category because I could not put this book down. Fascinating.”

—LESLIE JORDAN, Emmy Award–winning actor

“Curious, wildly honest stories that need to be told, but just not at the dinner table.”

—DANA KOLLMANN, author of Never Suck a Dead Man’s Hand
Harra Todd, McKenzie Ken  
обложка книги My Planet My Planet

From acclaimed, New York Times best-selling author Mary Roach comes the complete collection of her “My Planet” articles published in Reader’s Digest. The quirky, brilliant author takes a magnifying glass to everyday life, exposing moments of hilarity in the mundane.

Best-selling author Mary Roach was a hit columnist in the Reader’s Digest magazine, and this book features the articles she wrote in that time. Insightful and hilarious, Mary explores the ins and outs of the modern world: marriage, friends, family, food, technology, customer service, dental floss, and ants—she leaves no element of the American experience unchecked for its inherent paradoxes, pleasures, and foibles.

On Cleanliness:

Ed has crud vision, and I don’t. I don’t notice filth. Ed sees it everywhere. I am reasonably convinced that Ed can actually see bacteria…. He confessed he didn’t like me using his bathrobe because I’d wear it while sitting on the toilet.

“It’s not like it goes in the water,” I protested, though if you counted the sash as part of the robe, this wasn’t strictly true.

On the Internet:

The Internet is a boon for hypochondriacs like me. Right now, for instance, I’m feeling a shooting pain on the side of my neck. A Web search produces five matches, the first three for a condition called Arnold-Chiari Malformation.

While my husband, Ed, reads over my shoulder, I recite symptoms from the list. “‘General clumsiness’ and ‘general imbalance,’” I say, as though announcing arrivals at the Marine Corps Ball. “‘Difficulty driving,’ ‘lack of taste,’ ‘difficulty feeling feet on ground.’”

“Those aren’t symptoms,” says Ed. “Those are your character flaws.”

On Fashion:

My husband recently made me try on a bikini. A bikini is not so much a garment as a cloth-based reminder that your parts have been migrating all these years. My waist, I realized that day in the dressing room, has completely disappeared beneath my rib cage, which now rests directly on my hips. I’m exhibiting continental drift in reverse.

On Eating Healthy:

So Ed and I were eating a lot of vegetables. Vegetables on pasta, vegetables on rice. This was extremely healthy, until you got to the part where Ed and I are found in the kitchen at 10 p.m., feeding on Froot Loops and tubes of cookie dough.

Roach Mary  

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  •  Анекдоты про чукчу
     Юмор, Анекдоты

    Подборка анекдотов про чукчу.

  •  Le Retour du Général
     Duteurtre énoit
     Фантастика, Социально-психологическая фантастика, Юмор, Юмор

    Le général de Gaulle est de retour. Après un appel à la résistance, prononcé lors d’un piratage télévisuel, il se lance dans une ultime bataille pour la « grandeur de la France ». Toujours vaillant sous son képi à deux étoiles, ce revenant passionne l’opinion publique. A-t-il vécu jusqu’à cent vingt ans ? S’est-il fait hiberner comme le héros de Louis de Funès ? S’agit-il d’un imposteur ?

    Dans cette fantaisie romanesque, Benoît Duteurtre revisite la mythologie française et sa dernière figure légendaire — confrontés aux urgences de la mondialisation. Réflexions et observations sur l’époque alternent avec le portrait de ce Général un peu foutraque qui reprend le pouvoir, parle comme un révolutionnaire et ranime jusqu’à l’absurde les idéaux de la vieille Europe.

    Biographie de l'auteur

    Après Le Voyage en France (prix Médicis 2001), Service clientèle (2003) ou La petite fille et la cigarette (2004), traduits dans plus de vingt langues, Benoît Duteurtre a publié récemment Les Pieds dans l’eau (2008) et Ballets roses (2009).

  •  Humeurs et humour du Général
     Ragueneau Philippe
     Документальная литература, Биографии и Мемуары, Публицистика, Юмор, Юмористическая проза

    Pour la majorité des Français, Charles de Gaulle était « l'homme du 18 Juin », le chef de la France combattante, le libérateur, l'ultime recours de 1958, le premier Président de la Ve République, pour tout dire, la « statue du commandeur ».

    Mais bien peu soupçonne que cet homme, dont l'immense stature physique, intellectuelle et morale intimidait tous ceux qui l'approchaient, aimait aussi rire et provoquer le rire ; qu'il était doué d'un humour, tantôt subtil, tantôt féroce ou caustique, qu'il maniait avec le même bonheur et la même délectation, le sarcasme, la malice et l'ironie ; que la provocation délibérée et la mauvaise foi consciente libéraient chez lui un grand rire intérieur ; que ses rognes et ses grognes s'exprimaient en mots savoureux ; que ses traits d'esprit faisait le tour de son entourage ; mais qu'il savait aussi manifester, à point nommé, sollicitude et bienveillance.

    Ces humeurs et cet humour du Général, nous les avons traqués dans les souvenirs de ceux qui l'ont approché. On en trouvera dans ce recueil, qui s'est voulu honnête, la fidèle expression.

    Biographie de l'auteur

    Philippe Ragueneau, Compagnon de la Libération, a vécu 14 ans dans la familiarité du Général de Gaulle : pendant la guerre, dans les Forces Françaises Libres, puis au Rassemblement du Peuple Français, successivement comme chargé de mission, directeur des services de presse, propagande et information et, en 1958, à son Cabinet, comme chargé de mission, responsable des relations avec la presse.

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