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обложка книги Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift

Highland Pleasures 4.5

The Mackenzies gather for a clan Christmas and New Year's in Scotland. In the chaos of preparations for the celebration--the first of Hart and Eleanor's married life--one of Ian's Ming bowls gets broken, and the family scrambles to save the day. Daniel busily runs a betting ring for everything from the time Eleanor's baby will arrive to whether Mac's former-pugilist valet can win a boxing match to who will be the first of the many guests to be caught under the mistletoe. Ian begins a new obsession, and Beth fears the loss of one of his precious bowls has made him withdraw once more into his private world.

A Mackenzie Family Christmas will be released in print as well as on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple, and at other e-vendors.

Ashley Jennifer  
обложка книги Magic Flutes Magic Flutes

Spring, 1922 — Tessa is a beautiful, tiny, dark-eyed princess — who’s given up her duties to follow her heart, working for nothing backstage at the Viennese opera. No one there knows who she really is, or that a fairytale castle is missing its princess, and Tessa is determined to keep it that way. But secret lives can be complicated. When a wealthy, handsome Englishman discovers this bewitching urchin backstage, Tessa’s two lives collide — and in escaping her inheritance, she finds her destiny…

Ibbotson Eva  
обложка книги Magic & Mayhem Magic & Mayhem

An omnibus of novels

An innovative ebook featuring two intertwined stories:

Magic: When good witch Brianna James uses her magic and writes a sexy, forbidden love spell on her thirty-first birthday, on the thirty-first day of October during a full moon, and conjures up on roguish, bad boy warlock, she has no idea that she'll experience a passion so deep and so intense it would forever turn her good girl days into bad girl nights. But, when that spell lands in the wrong hands, be prepared for a little mayhem…

Mayhem: When Abigail Garvey steps into Conjure, the local magic shop, all she's looking for are a few props to round out her fortune teller Halloween costume. Abby isn't looking for a love spell that turns her drop-dead gorgeous, but long-oblivious neighbor into an aggressive alpha sex machine… Sure his single-minded pursuit (and follow-through!) is the stuff her wickedest fantasies are made of, but how much of it is the real deal? And how much of it is just a little magical mayhem?

Day Sylvia, Fox Cathryn  
обложка книги Maldicion de amor Maldicion de amor

Philip Whitmore, vizconde de Greybourne, ha sobrevivido a tormentas de arena, ha desenterrado tesoros ocultos de antiguas civilizaciones y ha vencido a múltiples y peligrosos ladrones de tumbas. Pero una extraña maldición pesa sobre él: no es capaz de encontrar a una mujer que quiera casarse con él. Es como si todo su encanto, su título y su fortuna desaparecieran ante el altar. Tras el último fiasco, Philip recurre a la hermosa Meredith Chilton-Grizedale para encargarle la difícil tarea de encontrar la esposa perfecta. Pero desde el momento en que conoce al misterioso vizconde, Meredith se enamora perdidamente de él y, a pesar de la maldición y a riesgo de su vida, decidirá dar rienda suelta a una pasión que podría conducirla a la locura…

¿Será el amor capaz de vencer a una extraña maldición?

’Alessandro Jacquie  
обложка книги Mary Fran and Matthew Mary Fran and Matthew

MacGregor Trilogy - 1.5

Matthew Daniels is an English Colonel who has been sent home from the Crimea in disgrace. Mary Frances MacGregor is a Scottish widow who loathes everything about the English military, and yet both Mary Fran and Matthew know more than they want to about being lonely and isolated, even amid family. They yearn to understand each other too, but old secrets and divided family loyalties threaten to cost them their chance at shared happiness.

Burrowes Grace  
обложка книги Masque of the Black Tulip Masque of the Black Tulip

Willig picks up where she left readers breathlessly hanging with 2005's The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. After discovering the identity of the Pink Carnation, one of England's most successful spies during the Napoleonic wars, modern-day graduate student Eloise Kelly is hot on the trail of the Black Tulip, the Pink Carnation's French counterpart. While researching the archives of dashing-but-grumpy Colin Selwick (a descendant of the Selwick spy family), Eloise learns that spy Purple Gentian (Richard Selwick) safely retired to the countryside; meanwhile, the Pink Carnation continues her mission with the help of Richard's younger sister. Spirited Henrietta Selwick discovers that the Black Tulip has resurfaced after a 10-year silence with the intent of eliminating the Pink Carnation. Miles Dorrington (Richard's best friend) works for the War Office and is directed to unearth the deadly spy. As he and Henrietta investigate, they try to deny their attraction for each other — and avoid becoming the Black Tulip's next victims. Hero and heroine can be quite silly, and there are overlong ballroom shenanigans aplenty; like last time, Eloise and Colin's will-they-won't-they dance isn't nearly as interesting as what takes place in 1803. No matter. Willig knows her audience; Regency purists may gnash their teeth in frustration, but many more will delight in this easy-to-read romp and line up for the next installment.

Willig Lauren Pink Carnation  
обложка книги Masquerading The Marquess Masquerading The Marquess

Calliope Minton is never far from scandal. And her greatest pleasure is capturing the nobility at their worst. Donning a daring disguise, she poses as a society courtesan to get closer to London 's leading bachelor. However, her ruse might have brought Calliope too close to her favorite target: James Trenton, Marquess of Angelford, a man who appears less foolish and more dashing with every meeting…

James is certain the enchantress is hiding something – and she is driving him mad… with desire and curiosity. Already occupied with trying to expose the "artist" who has been humiliating him in the papers, James does not need another mystery! But all the lady's secrets will be revealed when they are forced to join together to find a vanished mutual acquaintance – and perilous circumstance tosses the marquess's bewitching, irresistible adversary into his arms.

Mallory Anne  
обложка книги Mastered By Love Mastered By Love

London's most eligile – and adventurous – bachelors have banded together to form the Bastion Club, an elite society of gentleman dedicated to determining their own futures when it comes to marriage!

Laurens Stephanie  
обложка книги Menfreya in the Morning Menfreya in the Morning

For Harriet Delvaney, the great house of Menfreya, standing like a fortress on the Cornish coast, had always been a citadel of happiness and high spirits. Not until she herself came to Menfreya as a bride did Harriet discover the secret family legend of infidelity, jealousy and murder. And not until the legend seemed to come dangerously to life did Harriet begin to believe the old story that when the tower clock of Menfreya stopped, someone was about to die...

Холт Виктория  
обложка книги Mi enemiga la reina Mi enemiga la reina

Desde pequeña, Lettice Knollys tuvo que oír historias fabulosas sobre su prima, la futura reina Isabel I. Cuando esta subió al trono, Lettice pudo descubrir de primera mano los encantos, y las intrigas, de la corte inglesa de la segunda mitad del siglo xvI, un lugar en que la batalla por el poder se libraba también en alcobas, gabinetes y mazmorras.

Pese a haber conseguido unas buenas nupcias con el conde de Essex, a Lettice la entristece que el impecable Robert Dudley, el conde de Leicester, solo tenga ojos para la reina. Tras la misteriosa muerte de la primera esposa de Robert, sin embargo, el favor del conde se desplazará de Isabel a la señora de Essex... y de este modo Lettice se verá convertida, a ojos de la reina, en la Loba.

Un romance apasionado y secreto, los celos y la sed de venganza, las ansias de poder y la perpetuación de viejos rencores tienen cabida en esta espléndida novela de Victoria Holt, con la que retrató uno de los períodos más gloriosos de Inglaterra y un triángulo amoroso de calado histórico.

Holt Victoria  
обложка книги Mi Pasión eres tú Mi Pasión eres tú

Mientras la guerra se cierne sobre Inglaterra y Escocia, la dama de Friarsgate conoce, por fin, a su verdadero amor.

Rosamund Bolton ha tomado el control de su vida. Reclamó la herencia que le pertenecía, rechazó a su último pretendiente y decidió viajar a la corte de su querida amiga, la reina Margarita de Escocia. En ese ámbito suntuoso e impredecible conocerá al hombre que cambiará su destino para siempre.

Patrick Leslie, primer conde de Glenkirk, provoca en la dama de Friarsgate una pasión abrasadora, a pesar de su trágico pasado. Mientras la guerra se cierne sobre Escocia e Inglaterra y Enrique VIII intenta convertirse en el monarca más poderoso de Europa, Patrick y Rosamund emprenden una peligrosa misión en nombre del rey Jacobo IV, en la que pondrán a prueba su lealtad y la intensidad de su amor.

Small Bertrice  
обложка книги Midnight is a Lonely Place Midnight is a Lonely Place

After a broken love affair, Kate Kennedy retreats to a cottage on the Essex coast to work on her latest project. To her alarm, her peace and solitude is replaced by a sense of fear as strange incidents begin to occur – incidents that connect, Kate is sure, with the Roman grave being excavated.

Erskine Barbara  
обложка книги Midsummer's Eve Midsummer's Eve

Annora Cadorson

Set against the wild and rocky shores of nineteenth century Cornwall and the primitive outback of Australia, Midsummer's Eve is the story of Annora Cadorson, a young and innocent girl whose love and happiness are threatened by tragedy and disillusion.

The daughter of Sir Jake Cadorson, lord of one of England's oldest manors, Annora is raised in the warmth of a close-knit family who ardently encourage her to marry the dashing Rolf Hanson, man of her childhood dreams.

But then comes Midsummer's Eve. The haunting events of that terrible night shatter Annora's illusions about Rolf and cause her to distrust men. She escapes to London, where fashionable society is celebrating the accession of Queen Victoria. There she meets Joe Cresswell, whose father is vying with Annora's uncle for an important Parliamentary seat. But her romance with Joe is dashed when scandal erupts between the two politically ambitious men who have brought them together.

With her family, Annora sails to Australia, where she is further shaken by their cruel and unexpected deaths. Henceforth she must confront alone the animosity and unexpected rivalries that pursue her home to her beloved Cornwall. By overcoming these trials and hardships, Annora follows the path toward womanhood and regains at last the love she had lost but had always held so dear.

Carr Philippa  
обложка книги Miłosne podchody Miłosne podchody

Od jedenastu lat Londyn zaczytuje się dowcipnymi "Kronikami Towarzyskimi Lady Whistledown". Chłoszcząc ostrymi słowami, anonimowa autorka nie pomija nikogo z "towrzystwa". nawet takiej szarej myszki, jak Penelope Featherington. Cięte pióro skrupulatnie odnotowało jej fatalny debiut i kolejne nieudane sezony. Tymczasem Penelope od lat skrywa w sercu niespełnioną miłość do Colina Bridgertona. Czy uda jej się zwrócić uwagę mężczyzny, który zawsze traktował ją równie uprzejmie, co obojętnie? Jak się zachowa Colin, gdy brzydkie kaczątko przemieni się w zapierającego dech w piersi łabędzia?

Quinn Juda  
обложка книги Miracles Miracles Макнот Джудит Westmoreland Dynasty Saga  
обложка книги Miss Verey’s Proposal Miss Verey’s Proposal

Alex, the Duke of Delahaye, is determined to see his younger brother safely married to provide the necessary heir. Unfortunately the chosen bride, Miss Jane Verey, is less than amenable!

Cornick Nicola  
обложка книги Mistletoe Magic Mistletoe Magic

A paragon of virtue, Miss Lillian Davenport has an unrivaled reputation. So why has she offered to pay dangerous American, Lucas Clairmont, for a single kiss?

Lucas refuses to be molded by society and often walks on the wrong side of right, but Lillian's pure goodness and pale, correct life fascinate him. He senses that beneath the manners there's a woman of rare sensuality.

For Lillian, buying a kiss from Lucas has released a wildness within. Her ordered, virtuous world may never be the same again…

James Sophia  
обложка книги Mistletoe Mischief Mistletoe Mischief

Sir Greville Seton cannot abide women who work as companions. But when he meets his cousin's companion, the lovely Megan Mortimer, the Christmas spirit allows him to embrace the greatest gift of all…

Heath Sandra  

Amanda Quick, one of the premier writers of historical romance with 10 New York Times bestsellers, returns with a passionate tale in which a young woman masquerading as the Earl of Masters' mistress is surprised by the sudden appearance of her alleged lover--an arrogant and attractive man determined to claim the beautiful deceiver for his own.

Quick Amanda  
обложка книги Mistress by Mistake Mistress by Mistake

Charlotte Fallon let her guarded virtue fall once – and she's paid dearly for it ever since. She swore she'd never succumb to men's desires again. But even a village spinster's life miles from temptation can't save her from a sister with no shame whatsoever. Or a heart that longs for more, whatever the cost…Sir Michael Bayard found more than he expected in his bed when he finally joined his new mistress. He'd fantasized about her dewy skin and luscious curves, assured her understanding that what passed between them was mere dalliance. But he didn't expect the innocence and heat of her response in his arms. Nor her surprisingly sharp tongue once she was out of them…A few days of abandon cannot undo the hard-learned lessons of a lifetime. Nor can an honest passion burn away the restraints of society's judgments. Unless, of course, one believes in nonsense like true love…

Robinson Maggie  

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  •  Консуммация (ЛП)
     Саваж Шей
     Любовные романы, Исторические любовные романы

    Сир Бранфорд с завидным терпением обучает свою юную жену удовольствиям, которые они обретают в супружеских покоях. Всё ещё неуверенная в себе Александра, тем не менее, начинает открывать для себя возможности новой жизни. Когда Бранфорд оглашает желание чего—то большего, чем просто политический брак, Александра видит своего мужа совсем с другой стороны. Вскоре Александра понимает, что быть женой Сира Бранфорда — это не только делить с ним постель. Когда в руках оказываются жизни знати, она, наконец, начинает осознавать важность своего положения при дворе и в жизни своего мужа.

  •  Остання любов Асури Махараджа
     Дереш Любко
     Любовные романы, Исторические любовные романы

    «Остання любов Асури Махараджа» — алегорична історія про демона, який вирішив покинути розкіш нижніх світів заради любові до сліпої дівчини з України, що мешкає в самому серці Нью-Йорка. Протистояння напівбогів і демонів, демонстрації на Уолл-стріт і харизматичні проповідники, метафізичні запитання і смачні історії з лівообертальних світів (толерантна назва пекельних планет) — все це у новому романі Любка Дереша про любов, від якої тане серце.

  •  Страстные сказки средневековья. Книга 1.
     Гаан Лилия Николаевна
     Фантастика, Фэнтези, Любовные романы, Исторические любовные романы

    Роман повествует о необычайных приключениях, выпавших на долю первой красавицы маркграфского двора Стефании Лукаши, похищенной накануне своей свадьбы. Граф де Ла Верда завоевывает сердце жены, и влюбленные счастливы вместе, но в отношения между героями словно вмешивается злой рок. Их ждут испытания разлукой, греховными страстями, интригами завистников, чужой любовью... Любовь и страсть, преклонение перед рыцарскими идеалами и коварное изощренное насилие, вмешательство в судьбы героев сверхъестественных сил - все это найдет читатель на страницах данной книги. Сумеют ли супруги преодолеть отчуждение и построить счастливую семейную жизнь? Или так и расстанутся навсегда с взаимной обидой и непониманием?  

  •  Розетта
     Эвинг Барбара
     Любовные романы, Исторические любовные романы

    Розетта была счастлива в браке, пока не узнала, что муж изменяет ей. Ах, если бы она смогла родить ребенка! Тогда боль в сердце не была бы такой сильной… Но Гарри бесславно погиб в чужой стране, оставив ее бездетной.

    Через какое-то время Розетта узнала, что в Египте у Гарри остался внебрачный ребенок. Девочке грозит гибель… Чтобы спасти ее, Розетте пришлось предпринять опасное и захватывающее путешествие в Египет, в сердце пустыни, проявить невероятное мужество и душевную силу.

  •  Venetian Masque--a Romance
     Sabatini Rafael
     Проза, Историческая проза, Любовные романы, Исторические любовные романы

    Historical novel, set in Italy during the time of Napoleon. The hero is Marc-Antoine Villiers de Melleville, a French nobleman (but English on his mother's side). His estates in France have been confiscated, and he has been betrayed by someone who should have been loyal. But the subsequent destinies of the betrayer and the betrayed are curiously linked.

  •  Страстные сказки средневековья Книга 2.
     Гаан Лилия Николаевна
     Фантастика, Фэнтези, Любовные романы, Исторические любовные романы

    Продолжение романа о необычайных приключениях, выпавших на долю первой красавицы маркграфского двора Стефании Лукаши, похищенной накануне своей свадьбы. . Любовь и страсть, преклонение перед рыцарскими идеалами и коварное изощренное насилие, вмешательство в судьбы героев сверхъестественных сил - все это найдет читатель на страницах данной книги. Исторические реалии эпохи конца Средневековья с его драматизмом и противоречиями переплетают судьбы наших героев с коронованными особами, рыцарями и трубадурами, с нищими, проститутками и ворами - самым дном европейского средневековья - на фоне захватывающих интриг и политических войн конца пятнадцатого века.

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