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Le Dao De Jing Lao-tse  
обложка книги La libro de la spiritoj La libro de la spiritoj Kardec Allan  

Alfred Edersheim (March 7, 1825 – March 16, 1889) was a Jewish convert to Christianity and a Biblical scholar known especially for his book The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Longmans, Green, 1883, 800 pages).

Alfred Edersheim believed that some knowledge of ancient Jewish society was necessary for the general reader of the New Testament to fully understand Jesus' life and works. Edersheim's The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah is an informal commentary on the Four Gospels, which highlights the intellectual and religious perspectives of the people who lived during the time of Jesus. By consulting both Rabbinic Law and Talmudic writings, Edersheim paints a vivid picture of the various locations where Jesus would have walked, prayed, and preached. Not only does Edersheim provide useful geographical and political clarifications, he also offers insight into the emotional and psychological experiences of individual Biblical characters as well. From Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, to His death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven--Edersheim reports the stages of Jesus' life in exceptional detail, bringing animation and color into a set of stories that may seem distant to readers today.

This is an updated and corrected edition which includes all Hebrew and Greek references. Most browsers come with the capability to view Greek fonts but for you to be able to read Hebrew, you will need to upload and install an appropriate font. Within the text in brackets are many references to different sources. An explanation of the abbreviations used regarding material in the Talmud can be found in the file entitled "List of Abbreviations Used in Reference to Rabbinic Writings."   The books of the Apocrypha (1&2 Maccabees, etc.) can be found at The Bible, KJV.

Edersheim Alfred  
обложка книги L'homme éternel L'homme éternel Pauwels Louis, Bergier Jacques  
обложка книги Le matin des magiciens Le matin des magiciens Pauwels Louis, Bergier Jacques  
Las Enseñanzas De Don Juan

Como Lázaro vuelto de la tumba (dijo algún crítico), un antropólogo narra la primera etapa del aprendizaje que lo convertirá en "hombre de conocimientos" bajo la guía de un brujo yaqui. Con diversos medios, don Juan sumerge a su discípulo en una "realidad no ordinaria", tan objetiva como la cotidiana pero totalmente distinta, inexplicable para nuestros esquemas de pensamiento pero no para la sabiduría antigua que el maestro transmite con impecable coherencia lógica y poética. Así, al tiempo que socava la "descripción del mundo" en que Castaneda ha creído, don Juan propone otra -vasta, maravillosa, terrible- y, con lecciones prácticas, enseña a habitarla desde el nivel más inmediato. Conforme pierde defensas, el aprendiz va experimentando el estado de ser al que lo llevan las enseñanzas, la vida de guerrero", y sucumbe ante el primer enemigo de un hombre de conocimiento: el temor. No fue, sin embargo, una derrota definitiva: Castaneda reanudó su aprendizaje y ha publicado otros dos libros sobre él, considerados, como Las enseñanzas de don Juan, clásicos contemporáneos."

Castaneda Carlos  
обложка книги Los Cuatro Acuerdos: Una Guia Practica para la Libertad Personal Los Cuatro Acuerdos: Una Guia Practica para la Libertad Personal

Amazon.com Review

Sit at the foot of a native elder and listen as great wisdom of days long past is passed down. In The Four Agreements shamanic teacher and healer Don Miguel Ruiz exposes self-limiting beliefs and presents a simple yet effective code of personal conduct learned from his Toltec ancestors. Full of grace and simple truth, this handsomely designed book makes a lovely gift for anyone making an elementary change in life, and it reads in a voice that you would expect from an indigenous shaman. The four agreements are these: Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best. It's the how and why one should do these things that make The Four Agreements worth reading and remembering. -P. Randall Cohan

From Publishers Weekly

Ruiz's explanations of Toltec-based cosmography got a major boost recently when publishing pooh-bah Oprah Winfrey mentioned his work on her TV show. Ruiz, whose workshop teachings are distilled here, was born into a Mexican family of traditional healers, became a surgeon in adulthood, then underwent a near-death experience that made him reexamine his life, his beliefs. Like the popular works of the late Carlos Castaneda, Ruiz's teachings focus on dreams and visions. "Dreaming," Ruiz argues, "is the main function of the mind." A series of four "agreements" are detailed, which make up a larger picture of unconditional human faith. Despite the New Age- sounding language, Ruiz is refreshingly clear in the presentation of his ideas. Reading aloud, actor Coyote sounds every bit the enthusiastic old hippie, genuinely excited by the concepts he is spinning. Based on the 1997 Amber-Allen edition.

Ruiz Miguel  
обложка книги La Maestria Del Amor: Una guía práctica Para el arte de las relaciones La Maestria Del Amor: Una guía práctica Para el arte de las relaciones

Una invitación a mejorar nuestras relaciones interpersonales es la que nos hace Miguel Ruiz. Según su experiencia, hay demasiados obstáculos basados en el miedo que destruyen el amor y dan paso al temido sufrimiento en nuestras relaciones. Este libro, de crecimiento personal, nos hace reflexionar y entender nuestros sentimientos más profundos, ayudándonos a comprender la mejor manera de canalizarlos y transformarlos en ese sentimiento que tanto nos cuesta expresar: el amor.

Ruiz Miguel  
Le Coran  

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