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обложка книги Macroscope Macroscope

Throughout history, man has been searching for better ways to gather information about his universe. But although they may have longed for it, not even the most brilliant minds could conceive of a device as infinitely powerful or as immeasurably precise as the macroscope, until the twenty-first century. By analyzing information carried on macrons, this unbelievable tool brought the whole universe of wonders to man’s doorstep. The macroscope was seen by many as the salvation of the human race. But in the hands of the wrong man, the macroscope could be immensely destructive — infinitely more dangerous than the nuclear bomb. By searching to know too much, man could destroy the very essence of his mind. This is the powerful story of man’s struggle with technology, and also the story of his human struggle with himself. This novel takes us across the breathtaking ranges of space as well as through the most touching places in the human heart. It is a story of coming of age, of sacrifice, and of love. It is the story of man’s desperate search for a compromise between his mind and his heart, between knowledge and humanity.

Nominated for Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1970.

Anthony Pierce  
обложка книги Make Room! Make Room! Make Room! Make Room!

Sometime in the dark future of urban jungles, riots, food shortages, and senseless violence, a cynical New York City detective embarks on a desperate hunt for the truth.

Harrison Harry  
обложка книги Malaria: История военного переводчика, или Сон разума рождает чудовищ Malaria: История военного переводчика, или Сон разума рождает чудовищ

«Malaria» Андрея М. Мелехова — это во многом необычный приключенческий роман о прошлом, настоящем и будущем. Автор попытался взглянуть на сегодняшние события сквозь потускневшую от времени призму раннего христианства и реалий императорского Рима.

Главный герой романа — юный офицер-переводчик, закончивший первый курс Военного института. Честный и пока во многом наивный юноша. Волею судьбы восемнадцатилетний парень становится участником событий, призванных изменить судьбы мира на десятилетия вперёд. Как это ни странно, лишь в малярийном бреду ему открывается загадочная связь между прошлым и будущим. Болезненные видения о гладиаторских боях в Древнем Риме неожиданно оказываются реальностью, а ближайший помощник императора Нерона вдруг начинает говорить по-русски…

Мелехов Андрей М Аналитик  

Robērs Merls




Robert Merle MALEVIL Paris 1972

Merls R.

 Malvilas pils: Fantastisks romāns / No franču vai. tulk. V. Meļinovskis; V. Meļinovska pēc­vārds. — R.: Zinātne, 1981. — 719 lpp. — (Fantastikas pasaulē).

Sociālās fantastikas žanrā risinātais romāns «Malvilas pils» ir dramatiskiem notikumiem piesātināts darbs. Tā varoņi Ir grupa cilvēku, kuri palikuši dzīvi pēc atomkatastrofas. Autors parāda, kā traģiskajā situācijā mainās cilvēku rīcības motīvi, iz­veidojas jauns kopdzīves modelis, par dzīves dominanti kļūst cilvēces un cilvēcības saglabāšana.

No franču valodas tulkojis V. MEĻINOVSKIS V. MEĻINOVSKA pēcvārds

Izdots saskaņā ar Latvijas PSR Zinātņu akadēmijas Redakciju un izdevumu padomes lēmumu

© Tulkojums latviešu valodā pēcvārds

Izdevniecība «Zinātne», 1981

Merls rs  
обложка книги Mara and Dann Mara and Dann Lessing Doris Mara and Dann  
обложка книги Market Forces Market Forces

A blistering near-future thriller that will propel Richard Morgan onto the bestseller lists - a novel that will be enjoyed by any thriller reader.


John W Campbell Memorial Award

Arthur C. Clarke Award (nominee)

Morgan Richard K  
обложка книги Martian Time-Slip Martian Time-Slip

Warning: Although this the action of this book is set on Mars, it could just as easily have taken place in one of the desert communities around Los Angeles. The real action takes place inside the minds of the characters. If you're looking for all the external trappings of interplanetary Sci-Fi, you will be deeply disappointed. Approach it with an open mind, and you will be richly rewarded. What happens when one of the most powerful men on the planet Mars finds that real-estate speculators are intent on gobbling up the remote and seemingly worthless Franklin D Roosevelt mountains? Naturally he wants to find out why. A casual conversation with a psychologist followed by a chance encounter with a master repairman leads to one of those Dickian leaps: Since (1) autistic children do not respond to others because they are living in the future, (2) just build a machine to slow down time and (3) maybe even use it to go back in time and retroactively post a claim on the land before the speculators do. Well, the mechanism works, in a way. The speculators were proposing to build giant apartment blocks to help relieve overcrowding on polluted Earth. The autistic boy, Manfred Steiner, sees much further, however, to the time the apartment block would become a warehouse for the sick and dying, a "tomb world," of which he himself is a denizen. Manfred's visions have a way of bending the reality of those around him; he persistently retreats to a vision of reality as "gubble" -- entropy seen as large wormlike constructs that underlie reality, leading to pure "gubbish." MARTIAN TIME-SLIP is one of my favorite Philip K Dicks. (The problem is that I like all 15 or so I've read more or less equally.) Reading Philip K Dick tends to bend your sense of reality much as Manfred Steiner does. And one can't help looking over one's shoulder for a few hours after reading him. I see Dick as not so much a science fiction writer as a creator of disturbing and eerily plausible futures.

Dick Philip Kindred  
обложка книги Matched Matched

In the Society, Officials decide. Who you love. Where you work. When you die. Cassia has always trusted their choices. It’s hardly any price to pay for a long life, the perfect job, the ideal mate. So when her best friend appears on the Matching screen, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is the one… until she sees another face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black. Now Cassia is faced with impossible choices: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she’s known and a path no one else has ever dared follow — between perfection and passion.

Конди Элли , Matched  
May We Also Speak? Four Statements from the Hung-Up Generation Ellison Harlan  
обложка книги MCM MCM

Париж, 1900 год, Всемирная выставка. Место и время, где сплетаются архитектура и мифы, промышленный шпионаж и мистическая революция. Город-театр, где заговор оборачивается грандиозным спектаклем абсурда. Город-фабрика, что неуёмно производит желания и амбиции, а их сладостно-горьким осадком, словно углём и чернилами, пишет историю. Город-корабль, что, как верно гласит его девиз, раскачивается на волнах, но не потопляем. Однако выдержит ли он грядущий шторм? Не угаснет ли свет в Городе огней? Наконец, что или кто определяет его конструкт? Всё это — в не лишённом иронии, драмы и магии романе городских приключений «MCM».

Надзари Алессандро  
Memory of a Muted Trumpet Ellison Harlan  
обложка книги Mendicanti di Spagna Mendicanti di Spagna Kress Nancy  
обложка книги Mendicanti e superuomini Mendicanti e superuomini

La Terra è caduta sotto il dominio degli Insonni, i mutanti che non hanno bisogno di riposo. Ma sotto la pressione di turbe umane sempre più inquiete e ribelli — i Mendicanti — i superuomini sono ostretti a rifugiarsi nello spazio. Un secolo di incognite si apre di fronte a coloro che vegliano, e la sopravvivenza stessa della Terra è minacciata. Chi la salverà?

Kress Nancy Mendicanti, Beggars  
обложка книги Mentats of Dune Mentats of Dune

Gilbertus Albans has founded the Mentat School, a place where humans can learn the efficient techniques of thinking machines. But Gilbertus walks an uneasy line between his own convictions and compromises in order to survive the Butlerian fanatics, led by the madman Manford Torondo and his Swordmaster Anari Idaho. Mother Superior Raquella attempts to rebuild her Sisterhood School on Wallach IX, with her most talented and ambitious student, Valya Harkonnen, who also has another goal — to exact revenge on Vorian Atreides, the legendary hero of the Jihad, whom she blames for her family’s downfall.

Meanwhile, Josef Venport conducts his own war against the Butlerians. VenHold Spacing Fleet controls nearly all commerce thanks to the superior mutated Navigators that Venport has created, and he places a ruthless embargo on any planet that accepts Manford Torondo’s anti-technology pledge, hoping to starve them into submission. But fanatics rarely surrender easily.

The Mentats, the Navigators, and the Sisterhood all strive to improve the human race, but each group knows that as Butlerian fanaticism grows stronger, the battle will be to choose the path of humanity’s future — whether to embrace civilization, or to plunge into an endless dark age.

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Herbert Brian, Anderson Kevin James Schools of Dune  
обложка книги Messenger Messenger

In this novel that unites characters from "The Giver" and "Gathering Blue," Matty, a young member of a utopian community that values honesty, conceals an emerging healing power that he cannot explain or understand.

Lowry Lois Giver  


Jules Verne LA CHASSE AN METI ORE Paris, Librairie Hachette, 1923

Julcs Verne LES CINQ CENTS MILLIONS DE LA BEGUM Paris, Librairie Hachette, 1917

No franču valodas tulkojusi M. Silmale Pēcvārda autors J. Brandiss Mākslinieks N. Seminihins

Izdots saskaņa ar Latvijas PSR Zinātņu akadēmijas Redakciju un izdevumu padomes lēmumu

Tulkojums latviešu valodā, 70304-068 47mnnnnnn pēcvārds Izdevniecība

«Zinātne», 19

Verns ils  
Mishiranu, tenjo — Незнакомый потолок

Фанфик по "Neon Genesis Evangelion".

Попытка понять, о чём же думал Синдзи и что чувствовала Рей в шестом эпизоде «Neon Genesis Evangelion» - в то время, что Синдзи провёл в госпитале после почти смертельной атаки пятого Ангела. И, меня всегда интересовало - что же именно постоянно слушает Синдзи, включая плеер? Ficlet. Частично POV.

Мардини Димитрио  
обложка книги Mâna stângă a întunericului Mâna stângă a întunericului Le Guin Ursula Hainish Cycle, Hainish Cycle (ro)  
обложка книги Monday Starts on Saturday Monday Starts on Saturday

Sasha, a young computer programmer from Leningrad, is driving north to meet some friends for a nature vacation. He picks up a couple of hitchhikers, who persuade him to take a job at the National Institute for the Technology of Witchcraft and Thaumaturgy. The adventures Sasha has in the largely dysfunctional institute involve all sorts of magical beings—a wish-granting fish, a tree mermaid, a cat who can remember only the beginnings of stories, a dream-interpreting sofa, a motorcycle that can zoom into the imagined future, a lazy dog-size mosquito—along with a variety of wizards (including Merlin), vampires, and officers.

First published in Russia in 1965, Monday Starts on Saturday has become the most popular Strugatsky novel in their homeland. Like the works of Gogol and Kafka, it tackles the nature of institutions—here focusing on one devoted to discovering and perfecting human happiness. By turns wildly imaginative, hilarious, and disturbing, Monday Starts on Saturday is a comic masterpiece by two of the world's greatest science-fiction writers.

Strugatsky Arkady, Strugatsky Boris  

Jedna z najsłynniejszych antyutopii, pierwowzór Nowego wspaniałego świata Huxleya i Roku 1984 Orwella — jest niewątpliwie największym dziełem Eugeniusza Zamiatina. Ukazuje ona groteskową i groźną wizję państwa i społeczeństwa totalitarnego, w którym życie obywateli pozbawionych nazwisk jest uregulowane w sposób wydumany, mający rzekomo zapewnić całkowity porządek, harmonie i szczęście.

Zamiatin Eugeniusz  

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