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обложка книги Visit Sunny Chernobyl: And Other Adventures in the World's Most Polluted Places Visit Sunny Chernobyl: And Other Adventures in the World's Most Polluted Places

For most of us, traveling means visiting the most beautiful places on Earth—Paris, the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon. It’s rare to book a plane ticket to visit the lifeless moonscape of Canada’s oil sand strip mines, or to seek out the Chinese city of Linfen, legendary as the most polluted in the world. But in Visit Sunny Chernobyl, Andrew Blackwell embraces a different kind of travel, taking a jaunt through the most gruesomely polluted places on Earth.

From the hidden bars and convenience stores of a radioactive wilderness to the sacred but reeking waters of India, Visit Sunny Chernobyl fuses immersive first-person reporting with satire and analysis, making the case that it’s time to start appreciating our planet as it is—not as we wish it would be. Irreverent and reflective, the book is a love letter to our biosphere’s most tainted, most degraded ecosystems, and a measured consideration of what they mean for us.

Equal parts travelogue, expose, environmental memoir, and faux guidebook, Blackwell careens through a rogue’s gallery of environmental disaster areas in search of the worst the world has to offer—and approaches a deeper understanding of what’s really happening to our planet in the process.


“A wise, witty travel adventure that packs a punch—and one of the most entertaining and informative books I’ve read in years. Visit Sunny Chernobyl is a joy to read and will make you think.”

—Dan Rather

“Andrew Blackwell takes eco-tourism into a whole new space. Visit Sunny Chernobyl is a darkly comic romp.”

—Elizabeth Kolbert, staff writer at The New Yorker and author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe.

“Entertaining, appealing, and thoughtful travelogue covers some of the world's most befouled spots with lively, agile wit… The book… offers an astute critique of how visions of blighted spots create an either/or vision of how to care for the environment and live in the world.”

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“We’ve got lessons to learn from disaster sites. Thankfully, Visit Sunny Chernobyl means we don’t have to learn them first-hand. Cancel your holiday to Chernobyl: Pick up this brilliant book!”

—The Yes Men

“Avoids the trendy tropes of ‘ecotourism’ in favor of the infinitely more interesting world of eco-disaster tourism… Blackwell is a smart and often funny writer, who has produced a complex portrait in a genre that typically avoids complexity in favor of outrage.”

Wall Street Journal

“Andrew Blackwell is a wonderful tour guide to the least wonderful places on earth. His book is a riveting toxic adventure. But more than just entertaining, the book will teach you a lot about the environment and the future of our increasingly polluted world.”

—A. J. Jacobs, New York Times bestselling author of The Year of Living Biblically

“With a touch of wry wit and a reporter's keen eye, Andrew Blackwell plays tourist in the centers of environmental destruction and finds sardonic entertainment alongside tragedy. His meticulous observations will make you laugh and weep, and you will get an important education along the way.”

—David K. Shipler, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and author of Rights at Risk: The Limits of Liberty in Modern America

“I’m a contrarian traveler. I don’t obey any airport signs. I love the off season. And, when someone says to avoid a certain place, and almost every time the U.S. State Department issues a travel warning, that destination immediately becomes attractive to me. Visit Sunny Chernobyl is my new favorite guidebook to some places I admit to have visited. As a journalist, as well as a traveler, I consider this is an essential read. It is a very funny—and very disturbing look at some parts of our world that need to be acknowledged before we take our next trip anywhere else.”

—Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor for CBS News

“Humor and dry wit lighten a travelogue of the most polluted and ravaged places in the world… With great verve, and without sounding preachy, he exposes the essence and interconnectedness of these environmental problems.”

Starred Kirkus Review

“In ‘Visit Sunny Chernobyl: And Other Adventures in the World’s Most Polluted Places,’ Blackwell avoids the trendy tropes of “ecotourism” in favor of the infinitely more interesting world of eco-disaster tourism… [Visit Sunny Chernobyl] is a nuanced understanding of environmental degradation and its affects on those living in contaminated areas… [Blackwell] offers a diligently evenhanded perspective… Blackwell is a smart and often funny writer, who has produced a complex portrait in a genre that typically avoids complexity in favor of outrage.”

The Wall Street Journal

“In this lively tour of smog-shrouded cities, clear-cut forests, and the radioactive zone around a failed Soviet reactor, a witty journalist ponders the appeal of ruins and a consumer society’s conflicted approach to environmental woes.”

The Times-Picayune

“Entertaining, appealing, and thoughtful travelogue covers some of the world’s most befouled spots with lively, agile wit… The book … offers an astute critique of how visions of blighted spots create an either/or vision of how to care for the environment and live in the world.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Devastatingly hip and brutally relevant.”

Booklist, Starred Review

Visit Sunny Chernobyl is hard to categorize—part travelogue, part memoir, part environmental exposé—but it is not hard to praise. It’s wonderfully engaging, extremely readable and, yes, remarkably informative… An engagingly honest reflection on travel to some of the world's worst environments by a guide with considerable knowledge to share.”

—Roni K. Devlin, owner of Literary Life Bookstore & More

“Ghastliness permeates Visit Sunny Chernobyl… [Blackwell] presents vivid descriptions of these wretched places, along with both their polluters and the crusaders who are trying—usually without success—to clean them up.”

The New York Times
Blackwell Andrew  
обложка книги Venice: Pure City Venice: Pure City

With Venice: Pure City, Peter Ackroyd is at his most magical and magisterial, presenting a glittering, evocative, fascinating, story-filled portrait of the ultimate city.

“Ackroyd provides a history of and meditation on the actual and imaginary Venice in a volume as opulent and paradoxical as the city itself. . . . How Ackroyd deftly catalogues the overabundance of the city’s real and literary tropes and touchstones is itself a kind of tribute to La Serenissima, as Venice is called, and his seductive voice is elegant and elegiac. The resulting book is, like Venice, something rich, labyrinthine and unique that makes itself and its subject both new and necessary.” —Publishers Weekly

The Venetians’ language and way of thinking set them aside from the rest of Italy. They are an island people, linked to the sea and to the tides rather than the land. This lat¬est work from the incomparable Peter Ackroyd, like a magic gondola, transports its readers to that sensual and surprising city.

His account embraces facts and romance, conjuring up the atmosphere of the canals, bridges, and sunlit squares, the churches and the markets, the festivals and the flowers. He leads us through the history of the city, from the first refugees arriving in the mists of the lagoon in the fourth century to the rise of a great mercantile state and its trading empire, the wars against Napoleon, and the tourist invasions of today. Everything is here: the merchants on the Rialto and the Jews in the ghetto; the glassblowers of Murano; the carnival masks and the sad colonies of lepers; the artists—Bellini, Titian, Tintoretto, Tiepolo. And the ever-present undertone of Venice’s shadowy corners and dead ends, of prisons and punishment, wars and sieges, scandals and seductions.

Ackroyd’s Venice: Pure City is a study of Venice much in the vein of his lauded London: The Biography. Like London, Venice is a fluid, writerly exploration organized around a number of themes. History and context are provided in each chapter, but Ackroyd’s portrait of Venice is a particularly novelistic one, both beautiful and rapturous. We could have no better guide—reading Venice: Pure City is, in itself, a glorious journey to the ultimate city.

Ackroyd Peter  

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  •  Тактическая стрельба
     Потапов Алексей Андреевич
     Справочная литература, Справочники

    Тактическая стрельба. — 2-е изд., испр. и доп. / А. А. Потапов. — М.: «Издательство ФАИР», 2008. — 544 с.: ил. — (Спецназ).

    ISBN 978-5-8183-1382-5

    Практическое пособие по обучению тактической стрельбе из автомата и короткоствольного оружия составлено на основе советских и немецких боевых инструкций времен Второй мировой войны и послевоенного периода с учетом современного опыта. Рассмотрены система «стрелок—оружие», баллистика автоматного выстрела и стрельба в особых условиях, дан обзор применения бесшумного оружия, изучена тактика освобождения заложников.

    Книга предназначена для оперативно — следственного состава правоохранительных органов, сотрудников спецподразделений и миротворческого контингента, а также для военнослужащих МВД и Министерства обороны.

    Полицейские всех стран, соединяйтесь!

  •  Основы закаливания
     Саркизов-Серазини Иван Михайлович
     Наука, Образование, Биология, Справочная литература, Справочная литература, Домоводство (Дом и семья), Здоровье

    Данное руководство знакомит читателя с научными основами закаливания организма при помощи естественных и искусственных физических факторов, освещает ряд организационно-методических вопросов, разбирает различные методы закаливания организма в быту, в условиях лечебно-профилактических учреждений, при занятиях спортом.

    Пособие составлено применительно к новым программам для физкультурных вузов.

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  •  Фобии, утраты, разочарования. Как исцелиться от психологических травм (Учебное издание)
     Ермошин Андрей Федорович
     Наука, Образование, Психология, Справочная литература, Справочная литература

    В третьем, переработанном и дополненном издании книги «Фобии, утраты, разочарования» известный врач-психотерапевт Андрей Ермошин в доступной форме рассказывает о методе, который позволил тысячам пациентов избавиться от последствий психологических травм. Книга снабжена подробными примерами излечения разнообразных фобий — от страха перед полетами до страха внезапной смерти, — а также успешной работы при переживаниях разочарования, предательства, измены, утраты близкого человека и др.

    Психокатализ, авторский метод Андрея Ермошина, основан на внимании к внутренним ощущениям человека. На основе 30-летней практики автор предлагает пошаговое руководство по саморегуляции, которое окажется полезным всем, кто ищет решения собственных проблем или хочет помочь другим.

    В новом издании алгоритмы стали проще и удобнее в использовании, а метод психокатализа объясняется доступным языком. Приведены новые примеры из практики. Теперь текст сопровожден дополнительным справочным аппаратом, вспомогательными материалами и иллюстрациями.

  •  Боевые корабли японского флота. Крейсера. 10.1918 — 1945 гг. Справочник
     Апальков Юрий Валентинович
     Наука, Образование, Технические науки, Справочная литература, Справочники

    Справочник содержит сведения о тактико-технических элементах и карьере боевых кораблей специальной постройки, входивших в состав действующих соединений, находившихся в постройке либо внесенных в кораблестроительные программы Японского Императорского флота в период с октября 1918 г. по август 1945 г. Схематично показан их внешний вид в двух проекциях в различные периоды службы, продольный разрез и схема бронирования. Справочник предназначен для историков, слушателей и курсантов военно-морских учебных заведений, а также для всех тех, кто интересуется историей войны на море.

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